Under My Skin

Under My Skin
Erotic short story channeled to Jezebel by her spirit guide, Odessa
Published on November 9, 2012
9,282 words
ISBN: 9781301724611

This erotic short story was channeled to Jezebel Jorge by her spirit guide. Odessa, a ravishing red haired witch, takes us back to her days amidst the living to share an erotic encounter with her first love and then the man who later laid claim to her heart.

Roger once again shows up when Odessa is the most vulnerable. He seduces her with some light bondage and promises of them finally being together. Graham, as usual, picks up the pieces when he finds Odessa still bound to her bed. She begs for forgiveness by offering up one of his favorite treats, her ass for his taking.

 *** This story contains graphic sexual content, light bondage, multiple partners, and anal sex. ***

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