Spirit Boards

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About
Spirit Boards
But Were Afraid To Ask
10,070 words
ISBN: 9781301354023
A non-fiction guide to working with Spirit Boards

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Jezebel Jorge, a practicing witch and medium, teams with her spirit guide, Odessa, to set the record straight on how to use a spirit board to communicate with those who have crossed.

This book discusses the following:

History of Spirit Boards
Spirit Boards in literature
Spirit Boards in popular culture
How to find the perfect Spirit Board
How to prepare for a session with a Spirit Board
Starting a session
Communicating with Spirit through the board
What to do if an uninvited spirit comes through
How to end a session

This book also contains an excerpt from Vexed, the 5th book in Jezebel Jorge's Ring Dreams series, where Courtney Dalton uses a spirit board to try to find answers about the deaths of her father and sister.


If you are one of those people who believe a spirit board is a tool of the Devil or a portal to unleash evil, this book isn’t for you.

Being a practicing witch, I don’t believe in the Devil, much less worship something that doesn’t exist. A spirit board is simply a tool to use to connect with spirit. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It’s not a portal to hell or a way to unleash demons. A board could possibly contain negative energy from a previous user, but the board in and of itself is no more evil than a stick of firewood.

Why would a ghost want to haunt a piece of cardboard or wood? There are much more interesting and entertaining things to do on the other side.

My spirit guide Odessa and I decided to write this book to dispel a lot of nonsense and hopefully help others find an effective way to connect with spirit.

So, open your mind, cast your doubts aside, and come along for what we hope will be a fun ride.

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