Ring Dreams

Jezebel's Ring Dreams series features wicked witches and the hot pro wrestlers they love.

Desire - A full length novel.
Billy Dalton dropped out of school at only sixteen to pursue a career as a professional wrestler. The business killed both his grandpa and his mother, so with nothing left to lose Billy is determined to make a better life for himself with a new start in Charlotte, North Carolina.What he doesn't count on is falling for the daughter of his mentor and the territory's top star, the legendary Paul Bryson.

Lizzie Bryson grew up never wanting for anything other than her father's love and approval. Billy is everything she's always dreamed of - tough and handsome, and not afraid to stand up to her controlling and overbearing daddy.

Paul Bryson is not about to allow his only daughter get involved with anyone connected to a business he both loves and hates. His own double life is exposed when his wife dies unexpectedly and he brazenly flaunts his long term mistress. Lizzie is forced to deal with his deception and decide if she can handle life as a wrestler's wife.

Wicked Desires - Contains two short stories and an excerpt from Desire.
Stealing My Heart - A beautiful red haired witch goes to her lover's crypt in St. Louis cemetery to cast a spell to bring him back for one final night of passion. In Stealing My Heart Odessa is very much alive and determined to bring her beloved, William Fletcher back from the other side.

Wicked - Spend a Samhain with Odessa's rival, Dinera DeFliehr as she consorts with Rosette to cast a spell to produce a DeFliehr heir.

Also contains an excerpt from Desire where Odessa seduces a broken hearted Billy Dalton.

Shattered - A young adult novel
Fifteen year old Amalie is an outcast brainiac with a psycho witchy bitch of a mom and no magickal powers to call her own until a chain of events turn her world upside down. She gets her first kiss. Her mom runs off with a pro wrestler. Amalie is raped. Stella decides to come out and play. Someone turns up pregnant. In order to survive Amalie becomes Shattered.

Dirty Weekend - A naughty novella.
Courtney might be young, but with a body custom built for sin she's nowhere close to sweet and innocent. She's learned at a young age how to use sex as a weapon to get her way. While most girls her age are picking out prom dresses and going off to college, all Courtney wants is to fuck her way into a top spot in the wrestling business.

Pro wrestling legend Billy Dalton is the man she wants. The man she wanted bad enough to date his son. With his movie star good looks and magnetic charisma Billy is used to having the hottest ring rats (wrestling groupies) ready and willing to satisfy his every desire. They don't call him the "Texas Stud" for nothing and his reputation precedes him as a notorious ladies man.

Does Courtney have what it takes to work her way into Billy's bed? It's gonna be a dirty weekend, not exactly just for two.

Wanton - A short story.
A young Courtney sets out to seduce Bryson. Take a trip back in time to find out how their rocky relationship began when they were both first breaking into the wrestling business.

Hot for Teacher - Jezebel's first published story in an Xcite spanking anthology.
For Bryson, the first time was supposed to have been the only time but Courtney has other ideas. With his fiancée sitting in the audience at one of his wrestling matches, a nineteen year old Courtney lures Bryson into a deserted classroom for some hot and heavy away from the ring action. A not so innocent smack on her bare ass leads to a spanking that ends with her wet and ready to be taken right there on the teacher's desk.
*Bryson is referred to as Darren in this story.

Hexed - A full length novel.
A love spell turns lethal when Rowan falls for pro wrestler Dylan Dalton.

Rowan isn't the most stable witch in the DeFliehr coven. She sees spirits and plays with magickal penis candles. The super smart standout Vandy tennis star is hell bent on getting her man. She's also teaming up with her ghostly grandmother Odessa to avenge her birth mother's rape and untimely demise.

Dylan dreams of his red haired long legged witchy woman long before Rowan shows up and steals his heart. Chaos ensues when their worlds collide. Wrestlers are dropping dead. Secrets are revealed that threaten to destroy the already dysfunctional Dalton family.

Vexed - A full length novel.
Courtney's got a new boy toy, pro wrestling rookie sensation Alex Kafelnikov. Even the most wicked of witches couldn't have cast a spell to create a more perfect guy. What starts out as sex gets a lot deeper when the two of them bond over the deaths of their fathers, their love of the wrestling business, and figuring out what really makes a family.

She's going to have to embrace her witchy ancestry to handle a custody battle with her ex, her ever changing feelings for Billy, and learn to accept that her young daughter might just be the most powerful DeFliehr witch ever.

The Courtney Collection - Contains a previously published novella (Dirty Weekend), short story (Wanton) and two full length novels (Hexed and Vexed).

The Courtney Collection follows the story of Courtney Dalton, pro wrestling's alpha diva. She's a black belt martial artist, a former fitness competitor, and Playboy centerfold. She grew up fast on the road with her pro wrestling father. She embraces her sexuality and has always lived her life on the edge. They don't call her the alpha diva for nothing.

Mother, Maiden, Crone - A non smutty Winter Solstice story available for free from Smashwords.

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