Evernight Titles

Jezebel Jorge has been published in two Evernight Publishing anthologies:

Executive Assistant - Helpdesk Hijinks

Jackson Haywood decides to ride out one of Nashville tempestuous summer storms behind his desk. It’s not like he’s got anyone waiting for him at home, so he might as well get a jump start on finishing the end of the month reports while the office is quiet. He’s almost got them all knocked out when a power surge crashes his computer.

 The last thing Lauren Davies wants is an overtime trouble ticket. At least until the new helpdesk assistant goes to the 28th floor and realizes the big shot executive is her unrequited teenage crush. He might not have ever noticed her in high school, but the curvy blond geek girl has definitely got the boss’s attention now.

Stockings & Suspenders - Snow Angel 

Best selling author Minerva Madison might have a big time book deal, but she’s lost her muse. At least until a hunky construction worker comes to her rescue. Brian saves her from spending Christmas Eve stuck on the side of the road in an unexpected snow storm. Their night of uninhibited passion is exactly what she needs to get all her creative juices flowing.

She also has a Romance on the Go quickie - Need You Tonight

Saffron has as thing for muscled up bad boy pro wrestlers. Going to the matches and actually getting to hang out with the guys she sees on TV every week is both an ego trip and an escape from her less than exciting real life. When she catches her favorite guy with another girl, she decides to get even with the cheating ex by seducing his arch rival.

Mik Daring isn't known for turning down the temptations of life on the road. He's more than willing to piss off his most hated nemesis in the ring with some action between the sheets. The two of them are both living life for the moment and what they need tonight. Their attraction is so intense that by the next morning they both know one night of passion will never be enough.

Need You Tonight is a flashback to the decadent 1980s. Pro wrestling was huge and Atlanta was the industry hotbed. It was easy for a pretty young girl like Saffron to get the attention of one of the boys. The wild after parties at the airport hotels were the main event of many road trips.

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