Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tammy Sytch: A Star Shattered


World famous wrestling diva Tammy Lynn “Sunny” Sytch has written a tell-all autobiography that follows her into the ring and on the road, through her romantic relationships, domestic abuse, her battle with cancer, incarceration, getting sober and the release of her adult film with Vivid Entertainment.


Before giving my review I want to note that I have been around Tammy since her days in SMW and while I wasn't friends with her, I did know people who were very close to her, especially Chris Candido. At the time of Candido's death I was living with someone who helped Chris a great deal when he was still learning in SMW and they had some memorable ladder matches together in that promotion.

I went to a lot of SMW shows and was there pretty much every weekend, so I know a lot about what went on with that promotion. I thought Tammy was an incredible natural talent. She really did have the fans hating her with her promo skills and antics at ringside. She played her role to perfection. She's always been a worker and she would be the first to admit that.

At a later time in her career, after her WWE run I was in a hotel room with someone with a lot of influence in the business when he had Tammy on speaker phone. I heard her offer to come to his room and fuck him if he'd save her job. His response was, "Despite what you may believe, you don't have the golden pussy. I'm not interested."


For starters the book is overpriced for the length of the story, but her publisher set the price, not her. Normally I would not pay $9.99 for an ebook. This time I made an exception since I wanted to read her long awaited story. The small press that published the book didn't put much effort into editing and making the story cohesive. With better editing and more depth, this book would have been more than worth the price.

The story starts out good. Tammy has always had a strong voice in everything she does, and her writing is no exception. I think she was fairly honest about her early days in the business and maybe her time in the WWE, but when her life starts to skid out of control, that is when she starts being more than a little deluded and the story falls short on content and becomes more and more of a work. This when the details become a little blurry and the really nasty details fall through the cranks.

She constantly denies that she had a drug problem, but yet she admits to making regular trips to Tijuana to smuggle drugs into the country for other people. Come on. It was no secret that she had a thing for Somas when she was in ECW. I can understand her not wanting to talk about that, and she may not even remember a lot of details when she was messed up on Somas, but to say repeatedly that she never had a drug problem.

There is no mention of Wrestling Vixxens, her first entrance into the world of porn.  None. It is like that time of her life never happened.

She doesn't go into a lot of details on her battles with cancer. Some people have even speculated she made the whole thing up. I'd hate to think anyone would lie about having cancer, so I give her the benefit of the doubt. She was more than honest on the effects her drinking has had on her health.

The end of the book is very rushed and a lot more detail could have been added. It was obvious that she was tired of writing and rushed through the last few chapters.

If she really is only one semester away from graduating from Tennessee, I wish she would take a break from the media and step out of the lime light. It wouldn't be hard to move back to Knoxville for a year and get her degree. 

If she wants to do porn that is her business. I am in no place to judge her. I wish Tammy all the best in her life. The book is a decent read as long as you go into it knowing what to expect.