Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Year In Review

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Another year has come and gone. It's been an eventful year in that, not counting the purchase of my new Macbook as a writing expense, I actually made a profit this year. Yes, it takes money for advertising, editing, cover photos, an Office 360 subscription, and other tools of the craft.

The ebook market has become completely over saturated and it takes a lot to get noticed as a writer. I strive to produce my best work, staying consistent to my voice as a writer and also as a practicing witch. It is my goal to always represent my craft (writing and witch) with complete honesty and integrity. I'm not researching the life of a witch, it is something that I live every day and it is very much a spiritual path to me.

I'd like to thank my spirit guide, Odessa, for continuing to share her story with me. Without her guidance and input I am nothing as a writer. I tried not to have her stories heavily edited because I wanted to protect her natural voice in the way she whispered those words into my ear.

I also have to thank everyone who bought one of my books this year and especially those that took the time to leave an honest review. I genuinely appreciate everyone who spends any amount of money to read one of my stories.

In 2014 we continued Odessa's story with the following titles:

February 26th - Fly Away (A full length novel)
March 15th - Always (A not so smutty short story)
July 22nd - Illicit (An erotic novella)
September 16th - Witchcraft (A sexually charged novella)

Illicit was my best selling story this year and introduced the point of view of a new character in Odessa's love triangle, her Beloved's wife, Lucy. I really enjoyed writing from her point of view and hope to add more stories to the series.

I also had a short story, Helpdesk Hijinks, included in Evernight Publishing's Executive Assistant Office Romance Anthology.

June 19th - Executive Assistant Evernight Office Romance Anthology.

I ended the year by revising and extensively editing two novellas. Ghost of a Chance was previously released as Infinity and Minerva's Muse is the continuation of Snow Angel, a short story included in Evernight Publishing's Stockings & Suspenders Holiday Anthology.

December 1st - Ghost of a Chance
December 8th - Minerva's Muse

In 2015 I hope to have more of Odessa's stories and I am also working on a non-fiction biography that I hope to release by 2016.

Happy Holidays!

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