Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Snog For Sommer

What is better than getting sexy and contributing to a good cause? Doing that and have it help out someone you know.

Sommer Marsden is a fantastically talented erotic romance author, Check out her blog, pick up a book or three, you won’t regret it! HTTP://SOMMERMARSDEN.BLOGSPOT.CO.UK

Not only is she very talented she’s an all-round lovely lady. Anyone who’s had the pleasure to interact with her will tell you. At the moment Sommer’s family are going through a really challenging time, her husband is fighting pancreatic cancer and it is putting a strain on then in many ways. What we're hoping we can do with our Snog for Sommer is to help take a little of the financial strain off their shoulders.

Here is a kissing teaser from my latest release, Illicit:

“Your calculations are such a turn on.” His smile went smirky. “Actually it’s making you uncalculated that really gets to me.”

“Uncalculated?” She wasn’t sure what he meant by that.

Mark showed her by pulling her toward him by the hair. Just as roughly as he’d claimed her, he swooped in for a kiss. On the lips. With his tongue snaking into her mouth. One of the few places his tongue had never been before. Their first kiss left her incapable of remembering anything other than the taste of his lips. It was dizzying the way he’d pulled her in and then quickly spun her around, forcing her to watch the two of them in that damn full length mirror.

“How’s that for uncalculated?” he whispered against her ear.

“I believe that works for me.”

Illicit is currently free with Kindle Unlimited or only $1.69 exclusively on Amazon.


  1. Awesome of you to be part of such a great group of authors to support another!

    Snogs for all!

  2. Heh, that was adorable. :) Like bringing statistics into the bedroom. I liked it.

  3. Thanks for joining in with a Snog for Sommer, it’s much appreciated.