Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet My Character Blog Tour

Yikes! I am a bit slow in getting this post up due to things being a bit crazy in my life. Now that the new moon is here I've finally found a little time to sit down and introduce y'all to Lucy, my heroine from Illicit.

First, I'd like to thank Elyzabeth M. Valey for tagging me to be a part of the tour. You can check out some of her great titles on her Evernight Author Page or visit her blog to meet Margaret O'Hare from her soon to be released Bear Hunt, Book 4 of The Witches Mischief Series.

Now, without further ado, here is Lucy Edwards...

Lucy waves from the shadows, her face reddening as she leans over to check out Elyzabeth's covers.

Lucy: The Golden Cock? Did she write a book about Mark too? I know he did get around.

Me: No, that's a Naughty Fairy Tale from Evernight Publishing.

Lucy: Well, what happened with Mark was certainly naughty and when I look back, it does all seem like some wild fantasy. She shakes her head. I still can't believe I shared Illicit with you and the whole world.

Me: I'm so glad that you chose to come through to me. (I'm a medium and she's a spirit that I channeled to tell her story.) What made you decide to tell us about your affair with Mark?

Lucy: I got so tired of reading all those stories about my husband and that red haired shrew of his.

Me: Let's try not to resort to name calling and just refer to her as Odessa, or as she is know in Illicit, the red haired mistress across the bay.

Lucy: Graham (her husband) had some nerve, didn't he? Keeping that girl up within swimming distance of our home.

Me: Yes, I guess he did. Was his betrayal what drew you to Mark?

Lucy: Exactly. One might think that being married to a pro wrestler is glamorous, but I can assure you it's not. Graham was gone every night and even if he was wrestling right here in town, he wouldn't come home until three or four o'clock in the morning. I'm not stupid. I know it doesn't take that long to get home from the arena. And, well... Mark... he was just so irresistible, and...

Me: There when you needed the attention that you so desperately craved?

Lucy: Oh, my, Mark was not only terribly handsome, but exceptionally skilled... He just seemed to know exactly what to do to...

Me: Satisfy you sexually?

Lucy nods and her face turns even redder.

Me: Care to elaborate?

Lucy: Maybe they should just read Illicit. I mean it really is a story that should be read discretely on your Kindle late at night with the lights off and no one else around.

Me: Is there anything else you might like to add?

Lucy: I'm nothing like that little tart Odessa with her foul language and all the nasty things she did with my husband and that Roger Rohde. The two of us had nothing in common...

Me: Nothing but loving Graham and a taste for gin and ginger.

Lucy: Anyone who plays with snakes deserves to get bitten. And let me tell you, Roger Rohde was most definitely a snake in the grass. Now if you will please excuse me, I think I'm going to borrow your Kindle and go read about that golden cock.

Me: Certainly, thanks for joining us.

Lucy: My pleasure. And, speaking of pleasure, I hope your readers will check out Illicit.

Illicit is free with Kindle Unlimited or only $1.69 exclusively on Amazon.

I am tagging Isla Grey to join the tour with her debut novel, A Voice In the Dark.

And Missy Lyons who has lots of hot titles, including Cowboys Don't Sing.

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