Friday, July 25, 2014


Our latest release, Illicit, is free on Amazon through Sunday. I hope that you will check it out, enjoy the story, and want to read more of Odessa's series. If you have Kindle Unlimited this story is also available there as a free read for the next 90 days. After that Illicit will be available from other ebook vendors. As always, honest reviews are always appreciated. Please feel free to share this special promotion with all your friends.

Can two wrongs ever make a right? 

Lucy Edwards worries that her life has become just as cliché as that age old question. Heartbroken by her husband’s repeated affairs and frustrated by his lack of attention and affection, she is drawn to another man who’s more than willing to give her exactly what she so desperately craves.

What was supposed to be just an alcohol infused vengeful one night stand evolves into an illicit affair. Lucy's new lover pushes her sexual boundaries and forces her to take a critical look at her relationship with her husband. Now she’s got to chose between these newly aroused desires and the security and status of a marriage to a wealthy and powerful man.

Dess would like me to point out that this story is told from a completely different point of view and she is just the nameless red haired mistress across the water. There is adult content with graphic sex scenes, although Lucy doesn't exactly have Odessa's infamous "potty mouth". I had to release this story on my own since the ebook Publishers that I would normally submit to will not consider material with infidelity. In this story Lucy does engage in sex with both her lover and her husband. Not at the same time, though. Sorry, no menages here. :-)

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