Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fly Away

I am pleased to announce that Odessa's latest story is now live in ebook format. A print edition will be coming soon. Just in case you're not sure who Odessa is, that would be my spirit guide. Yeah, I talk to dead people and they more often than not talk back. I can only take credit for taking dictation, editing and format on any of Dess's stories. We hope you enjoy Fly Away. It will be half off at All Romance Ebooks for the next few days in mobi, epub, and pdf format. Forward your purchase receipt from any distributer and I will send you a free copy of either Under My Skin or The Lady is a Tramp. And now with that out of the way...

Odessa is a witch with a fondness for snakes and a heart splintered from loving two men, neither of whom she can really claim as her own.

First there was Roger Rohde, a cocky blond bombshell of a man too handsome for his own good. The former pro wrestling champion swept a young naïve Odessa off her feet, taking her on the road with him as he defended his title through out the world.

Then along came Graham Edwards, a superstar wrestler and genius promoter, who instantly became smitten with the champion’s gorgeous red haired mistress. The attraction was mutual. Their love affair ignited an intense sexual chemistry that neither of them were able to resist.

Ten years later and Odessa is overwhelmed by an intense power she’s not able to control. She’s an empath able to feel the emotions and physical ailments of those she loves. With their toddler daughter teething and a previous head injury making Graham’s migraines almost impossible to withstand, Odessa copes the only way she knows how… by ringing up Roger.

It doesn’t take much convincing for Roger to lure her into flying away with him to Acapulco. Will she have fun in the sun with her first love, or realize there’s no escaping from the twisted triangles entwining all of their hearts?

 *** Warning ***
This story contains some sizzling sex scenes, a not exactly emotionally stable wicked witch, plenty of booze, and lots of snakes.

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