Sunday, February 23, 2014

F– Me! I'm a Celebrity

This song came up on the shuffle mix on my iPhone when I was walking my dog. Everything I here Lollipop Luxury I think it would make the perfect entrance music for Dylan Dalton, accompanied by his hot red haired witch Rowan, in my Ring Dreams series. That got me to imaging a new scene in my head, so I thought I would share.

Robert Plant's Simply Irresistible blasts over the arena sound system. At the announcer's table, Billy Dalton's face breaks out into a big grin as a muscled blond struts down the aisle. Courtney Dalton is looking pretty damn irresistible in red latex bootie shorts and a matching bra that bared conceals her over-buoyant breasts. She's got the body built for sin with muscled legs played up by red high heel boots that skim over her calves. Her hair is blond now and down to shoulders. She's about as buff as she's ever been and looks like she could take the stage and win a fitness contest. The only thing real about Courtney is her spirit and her love of the wrestling business.

Courtney stops by the table long enough to plant a kiss on Billy cheek and grab the house mic. She climbs into the ring, taking her time stepping through the ropes to allow Billy and all the guys in that section of the arena a perfect view of her ass. She then turns the crowd against her by announcing her ex husband, Bryson Dalton, doesn't have the balls to face her man, so he's going to destroy Bryson's little brother, Dylan as a warmup.

Intense and dramatic classical music plays as Alex Kafelnikov comes to the ring after being summoned by Courtney. Alex is a 6'4" almost 300 lbs of solid muscle, a roid rage just waiting to happen. His dark hair is worn in a buzz cut and his body is covered in tattoos. He's wearing red latex trunks and black boots. No robes or fancy ring jackets for Alex. He's old school in the tradition of his deceased father, Vlad.

Courtney and Alex pretend to be bored and disinterested when Dylan's intro music begins.

Lollipop Luxury pulses from the sound system. Dylan and Rowan step through the curtain right as Jeffrey Starr sings, "Fuck me, I'm a celebrity". They strut down the aisle as Billy sits opened mouthed at the announcer's table, having just then realized the song drops the f– bomb.

Rowan is wearing a super short black sequined mini skirt with a black baby t-shirt with a silver sequined star across the chest that matches her silver high heel shoes. Her long red hair is the first thing people notice right before her mile long legs. She's sucking on a bright red lollipop that she playfully hands over to Billy.

Dylan is blond and bronzed, almost too pretty to be a wrestlers with his high cheek bones, flawless skin, pouty lips, and dimpled smile. Rowen helps him out of sequined jacket to reveal the world title wrapped around his six-pack abs.

The girls hop out of the ring to take their stops in their man's respective corners and the bell rings...

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