Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Pygmalion Hypnotist


Hypnotist, Darren Braid, is getting ready to launch a new line of erotic hypnosis CDs. A potential publicist suggests that he collaborate with her other clients, wannabe film producer Scott Sunderland and his discovery Liza Hill. Her plan calls for Darren to hypnotize Liza and transform her into a dominatrix. Sunderland will film the transformation and produce a series of BDSM videos.

But shortly after Darren begins hypnotizing the starlet, repressed memories of her childhood abduction begin to surface. Investigating further, he and FBI Agent, Kristen Parker, discover that Liza had been stolen as a child and sold to a ring of pedophiles. While they help Liza deal with her trauma and build her self-esteem, they discover she can identify one of the FBI's most wanted, a sadist who mentors pedophiles in hidden regions of the internet. The FBI has never identified this man offline, but finding him is their only hope of tracing Liza's origin. To find her birth mother, Darren and Kristen must help Liza control her fear and face the man who tortured her as a child.

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Author Bio:

Before writing his first novel, Daniel worked as a technical writer for 17 years. He hold a BS in Engineering and an MS in Technical Communication.

Since 2000, he's been pioneering the art of hyperempiria (creating sensory experience through hypnotic suggestion.) This is accomplished by integrating hypnotic language patterns, positive affirmations and NLP into the narrative of an audio story. One of his hypnosis programs, The Ultimate Kiss, was nominated for an "O" Award for Outstanding Innovation. The Pygmalion Hypnotist is his second novel.

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