Monday, June 10, 2013

Need You Tonight

It's release day for Need You Tonight!

Saffron has as thing for muscled up, bad boy pro wrestlers. Going to the matches, and actually getting to hang out with the guys she sees on TV every week, is both an ego trip and an escape from her less than exciting real life. When she catches her favorite guy with another girl, she decides to get even with the cheating ex by seducing his arch rival.

Mik Daring isn't known for turning down the temptations of life on the road. He's more than willing to piss off his most hated nemesis in the ring with some action between the sheets. The two of them are both living life for the moment and what they need tonight.

Their attraction is so intense that by the next morning they both know one night of passion will never be enough.

Need You Tonight is available on Amazon for $2.99 and at Evernight Publishing as a limited time sale price of $2.24.

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