Thursday, March 21, 2013

River Rat

In celebration of Spring, Teresa Lynn's River Rat, A Lucy DelRose Mystery is a free download on Amazon.

River Rat is a 2011 winner of the 6th Annual Dixie Kane Contest novel about a young single mother raising her seven year old son while running her business as a commercial fisherwoman on the Mississippi River. When she discovers her ex-husband dead beneath her marina, she is determined to shield her son from the horrors of her past life with him. She finds herself seeking the help of an attractive half-breed Indian who does his best to try and domesticate the wild side of her nature defying her efforts to maintain her fishing business in a male driven environment. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed game warden vies for her affections sending a half-breed Indian on a jealous rampage to win her for himself. She wrestles with alligators, snakes, and the raging Mississippi River to protect her son from Florida drug dealers who threaten his life in exchange for something her ex-husband lost the night of his death.

Dess is excited because it has snakes. I'm looking forward to checking out my friend's book. It's been on my waiting to be read list for quite sometime.

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