Friday, March 8, 2013

Kelli Scott: Eternally Yours

It's my pleasure to have Kelli Scott here with us today...

It Was A Dark And Steamy Night

I like my sex like I like my coffee—hot and steamy with some cream and sugar. Wait! I think that came out wrong.

I actually like my sex—my word sex—with a side of comedy. Lust and laughter. Climaxes and comedy. I want to laugh all the way to the bedroom and beyond.

For Eternally Yours I took a departure from the funny and made a trip to the dark side. There’s nothing funny about lost loves or tortured souls. Or vampires. Well, maybe vampires.

I’ve never had a thing for vampires. I mean—yeah—I used to watch Dark Shadows as a kid. I saw Interview with a Vampire, The Lost Boys and From Dusk Till Dawn, but never understood the allure of being bitten. I shudder at the thought of having blood drawn by a medical professional. Then a friend told me it’s all about the penetration. Sorry, still don’t get it. I might say “bite me”, but please do not actually bite me.

I managed to get through the first Twilight movie, but honestly, Edward did nothing for me. Maybe because I’m not a sixteen year old girl. I’m a woman. I have woman needs. And then my needs were met with True Blood. More specifically—Eric Northman. That man, or rather that vampire, is damaged and tortured and he makes me laugh. As far as bad boys go, he’s very bad. Okay, yes, I get it. I want Eric to bite me. Hard. Up against a wall. I want to be the best blood he’s ever sucked. I loved good Eric and bad Eric. I just can’t get enough Eric. You might say Eric inspired me to write my own vampire story.

My vampire doesn’t sparkle in the daylight. She’s a traditional type of gal. She only comes out at night. And on this dark and steamy night she’s got a craving for the best blood she’s ever tasted. Her love and desire are Eternally Yours.

How about you? How do you like your vampires?

Blurb: Years after Luke’s sweetheart was ripped from his arms on prom night, Meri’s loss still haunts him. Searching for her everywhere, he finds her only in his dreams and on the pages of a dark comic book he created in her image. But on the anniversary of her disappearance, she shows up on his doorstep without having aged a day. What can he do but invite her in?

Meri’s nights are all about surviving alone on the dark, seedy side of life. Once a year she treats herself to a night of tasty passion with her one true love. Is this the year to seal the deal and make their love eternal, or will she walk away to become just another fantasy?

Author Bio:

Left for dead in an enchanted forest, Kelli was raised by wolves, which explains her thick coat of fur and keen night vision. As an adolescent, she was exiled from the pack due to her love of well-done steak smothered in ketchup (her penchant for blackened beef has also caused her ejection from several fine eateries). On her own, she roamed the streets, eating from dumpsters and sleeping in abandoned dog houses. Cold, starving and destitute, Kelli turned to the oldest profession—writing. Since her fall from grace, she has penned several smutty stories for which she has received many accolades. And despite her limited vocabulary, inability to punctuate properly and her well-documented spelling disability, Kelli has collected some awards (some of them for her writing). But what she wants most in the world is to return to the enchanted forest and her pack. As soon as she figures out north from south and east from west, she will do just that.

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