Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Lady is a Tramp

We are pleased to announce that - The Lady Is A Tramp - Odessa's latest 50 Flavors of Freak edition is now available and it's only .99 cents. This book won't be going free since it's not in Amazon Select. It's also available at Smashwords in every format and All Romance EBooks in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub versions.

In this erotic short story Odessa takes us back in time to January 1963 on a trip to New York with Roger. The eighteen year old witch is overwhelmed by the Big Apple. Especially when Roger takes her to the underground burlesque club owned by his high school sweetheart. Odessa really doesn't know what to make of Katie, a former ballerina turned burlesque dancer. The woman is terribly intimating, towering over 5'10 Odessa, with severe dark curly hair, the reddest red lipstick, and large breasts that she's not shy about flaunting. Katie is sex in stilettos and Odessa is terrified that this other older woman is out to win back her man.

If that's not bad enough, Graham also drops by and puts Odessa in a bit of a predicament. She only meant to sleep with him once just to spite Roger, but things got out of hand when they clicked between the sheets. If Roger finds out Odessa could lose her house, her car, and the cushy existence she's enjoyed as a kept woman of the world champion.

To throw in another triangle, Katie has always been Graham's favorite fuck when he's in New York. An afternoon encounter with Graham and Katie and a bottle of Absinthe leaves Odessa questioning her feelings for both Graham and Roger.

The suave world champion is also having a bit of an identity crisis. He's not getting any younger and his days are numbered with holding onto the strap, and possibly Odessa as well.

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