Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Freebie

Odessa wants me to remind everyone that the first volume of her 50 Flavors of Freak erotic short story collection - Under My Skin - is free today on Amazon.

This story was channeled to me by my spirit guide (don't call her a ghost - it pisses her off) and is for the most part an accurate account of things that occurred in her previous life time with her two lovers "Roger" and "Graham". Their names are changed to protect their identities, but they both were once very real men.

This story does involve some light bondage, anal sex, strawberries, and of course snakes. It wouldn't be Odessa if there were no snakes involved.

We are hard at work on the second story The Lady Is A Tramp and hope to have it ready by next weekend. In this story we go way back in time to one of Odessa's first visits to New York City. There's plenty of both Roger and Graham and we introduce Katie. This new character just happens to be me in my previous lifetime. And oh yeah, even in the Big Apple, I can assure you that snakes will be involved.

Odessa also wants me to remind you that you don't need an ereader to download books from Kindle. You can install the reader app for free on an computer, iPad, iPhone, tablet or android device. Don't even ask me how she's gotten so technically savvy. She also blogging over at if you'd like to drop by and tell her hello. She loves comments and attention.

My favorite novel in my Ring Dreams series - Spell Struck - is half price this weekend at AllRomanceEbooks. You can download it in .pdf, .epub, or .mobi formats. Courtney is my favorite character because she's pretty much my inner bitch. She's got a hot new boy toy in Alex Kafelnikov and as always Billy Dalton is always honing in on the action. Odessa does make an appearance, sans snakes. There's lots of hot sex and some fun paranormal twists as Courtney and Bryson begin to realize their little girl Tabitha might just be the most powerful DeFliehr witch ever.

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