Friday, June 15, 2012

Next To Nothing

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Book Lovers Buffet is on through the 22nd. They are featuring over 160 books for only .99 cents in all genres. You will find Desire under Erotica and Infinity under Paranormal with links to purchase from both Amazon and Nook.

Desire is a Ring Dreams Retro that you can read without first checking out Headlocks & Hexes. I fell in love with Billy Dalton when telling the stories with his sons and had to go back and share his own story of meeting  and romancing his Lizzie. If you like old school wrestling I think you will love this book. It is set in the early 1970s in the Carolina's with Billy coming in to work for Crockett Promotions. Lizzie is the daughter of the territory's top star Paul Bryson. Her daddy isn't about to let her hook up with the kid he's grooming to take some take his place as a lead babyface. The thing is that Paul is far from being the good guy he portrays in the ring and he's willing to do anything to keep his baby girl from hooking up with the already notorious ladies man Billy Dalton.

Infinity is a ghost story with a witchy twist. A spirit named "Lucille" channeled most of the story to me. It's not a true story, just what Lucy wished to have happened. If you've read any of my other books you'll probably guess that it's Odessa trying to disguise herself as Tessa.

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