Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book SpotLight: William Hicks

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Twist - As a boy growing up in 1953, Kevin Hull enjoyed playing games with his group of boyhood friends, like the game of "ledge." After one such game with his friend Billy Hawkins, the two find themselves involved in a terrible accident that will forever change their lives. 

A work of short psychological horror from our Spectres line.


Killer Files  - The Army plans to use a new breed of flies to protect combat soldiers. But Dr. John Pankow, their creator, is worried that his killer flies are uncontrollable. Will Mother Nature's most genetically-altered weapon be the ultimate armor, or the potential ravager of the entire world?

A work of short horror from our Spectres line. 

Excerpt from Killer Flies

“So, you created a vaccine?” General Donner asked.

“Yes, but its effectiveness is only twenty days, or less, depending on metabolic rate. Plus upon further testing this treatment doesn’t work on everyone.”

“Any more questions before I continue?” Pankow waited, no one’s hand went up. “Even though many of my colleagues see little harm in allowing the mix of killer flies with general house flies, I disagree. Currently interbreeding appears safe, because few can survive alone, and without ‘mothers,’ as we call the females, they can’t multiply. But that doesn’t prevent these flies from mutating and forming a new lethal strain. And this would be even more likely if one of the mothers escapes.”

“That won’t happen,” General Bider quickly interjected. “We have one room of mothers which is segregated from all the others.”

“But what happens if one does escape?” Carrie Jacobs, Dr. Pankow’s new research assistant, asked.

Before the doctor could respond, General Willard did. “We’ve taken precautions so that won’t happen; a full bee suit, a security access door, and researchers must go through a sealed room to get at those dangerous mothers. Pardon the pun.”

A slight giggle circled the room. It irritated Pankow. This was serious business, not a place for stupid puns.

“If one female escapes or gets into the wrong hands it will have dire effects. That is why all doors require a key card, and an electrical Flash-Kill system will be installed next year. Funding cuts, you understand, made it impossible to purchase this system until then,” General Bider said, giving no indication he was sorry about the funding issues.

“If one ever escapes it might mean the end of the world,” Pankow finished, allowing his last words to reverberate in their minds.

“I think Dr. Pankow is reading too many science fiction magazines.” General Bider laughed. “These flies will save our soldiers’ lives. We have them under control gentlemen. Are there any questions I can answer?”

Several hands shot up.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hot Summer Nights Erotic Blog Hop

I'm excited to be part of Skye Warren's Hot Summer Nights Erotica Blog Hop.

Over 100 erotic authors have joined together to offer a gift basket valued at over $100. You can click on the above link to enter for the main prize. I was hoping to give away a copy of my new release Dirty Weekend, but unfortunately it's not quite ready yet. So I'll let the winner pick the title of their choice - Headlocks & Hexes, Desire, Spell Struck along with a voucher for a copy of Dirty Weekend.

Unlike most authors the Voices running amok inside my head used to walk among the living, at least some of them anyway. For I am a practicing witch and medium. Odessa, my Spirit Guide, was once a very real person. My work is still considered fiction because ghosts like to tell tall tales just as much as real people. Some of the things may have happened or be embellishments of real life events.

Please comment below to win a special prize from The Mystical Heart Spiritual Center. One of my favorite places to shop in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. The store's owner, my friend Carol, helped me pick out a  red knobbed seduction candle with some Butt Naked oil to cast your love spell. Odessa is going to add her own special mojo and charge the candle with her magickal powers. We'll also throw in a little surprise for our winner.

Comment below to win a gift card from me along with a $100 gift card to the fun online sex shop, Eden Fantasy.

And a digital gift basket with over 40 erotica books to fill your Kindle

Check out all the other hot authors and the more you post the greater your chances of winning some really awesome prizes.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Next To Nothing

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Book Lovers Buffet is on through the 22nd. They are featuring over 160 books for only .99 cents in all genres. You will find Desire under Erotica and Infinity under Paranormal with links to purchase from both Amazon and Nook.

Desire is a Ring Dreams Retro that you can read without first checking out Headlocks & Hexes. I fell in love with Billy Dalton when telling the stories with his sons and had to go back and share his own story of meeting  and romancing his Lizzie. If you like old school wrestling I think you will love this book. It is set in the early 1970s in the Carolina's with Billy coming in to work for Crockett Promotions. Lizzie is the daughter of the territory's top star Paul Bryson. Her daddy isn't about to let her hook up with the kid he's grooming to take some take his place as a lead babyface. The thing is that Paul is far from being the good guy he portrays in the ring and he's willing to do anything to keep his baby girl from hooking up with the already notorious ladies man Billy Dalton.

Infinity is a ghost story with a witchy twist. A spirit named "Lucille" channeled most of the story to me. It's not a true story, just what Lucy wished to have happened. If you've read any of my other books you'll probably guess that it's Odessa trying to disguise herself as Tessa.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shonell Bacon: Into The Web

I am pleased to have Shonell Bacon featured in today's book spotlight with her new release Into The Web. I have this book on my Kindle, and am looking forward to reading it.

The minute twins and mystery novelists Jovan and Cheyenne Parham find their lives settling into a nice rhythm, all hell breaks loose – in their personal lives and in the latest crime they find themselves mixed up in. Jo is trying to build a relationship with Mark Brockman, but the deaths of her husband and Mark’s wife, and the sordid nature of their coming together keeps her from jumping into the relationship with both feet. Cheyenne is head over heels in love with former detective-now P.I. Ian Davenport, but unexpected news and Ian’s involvement in a new case causes Chey to second guess the deepness of their love. Trying to figure out their love lives becomes all the more complicated when Jo and Chey are thrust into a series of kidnappings and murders involving young girls who seem to make the wrong friends online. When a mayoral candidate’s daughter is kidnapped, Ian finds himself on the case, much to the chagrin of Chey considering he spends an awful lot of time holding and caring for the candidate’s wife. Bringing the girl home safely and finding the killer pushes the twins to the limits of their personal and professional lives. Going into a web of infidelity, lies, deception, and murder often leaves all involved in disarray. Will Jovan and Cheyenne find themselves, once again, trying to pick up the remaining fragments of their lives once this is all over?

October 21

Take down.

Those words rang in Jovan Parham’s mind as she danced around the ring, staring into the eyes of Derryck, her kickboxing trainer.

“Come on, Jo,” Derryck said while holding up his padded hands. “Pay attention. Jab left, cross right, jab right.”

“I’m doing it,” she said, her voice nearing a whine.

“You look lazy.” Derryck’s left hand made its way to Jovan’s headgear. She just managed to move, but heard the sound of his fist whizzing by her face. “I haven’t tagged your face in nearly four months.”
Jovan smiled and took two jabs to the side of Derryck’s face; the second one connected.

“And you didn’t get me this time either,” she replied.

The two continued to spar, sharing words and punches and kicks, but Jovan’s mind was still stuck on two words: take down.

She woke up in the middle of the night after a horrific nightmare, one she had almost every month since she moved into her new condo a year ago. The nightmare was always the same: she watching as a host of characters took part in killing her. She lay, shackled to a metal table, dressed in a white loose gown that had been ripped to shreds. Every few minutes, someone would come into the dimly lit room and cut her with a sharp, curved blade. No words were ever exchanged. She screamed with each flick of the blade, begged for her life, but it was all for naught. Cordell came in and took a chunk of her. As did his mother. As did his brother. Alisha took her share as well, as did Sarah, which broke Jovan’s heart more than Cordell wanting to kill her. She had thought Sarah was her best friend. Finding out she had slept with Cordell and carried his child tore at her heart. To know that even in her nightmares Sarah wanted to hurt her more nearly broke her.

The last person to come in was always Linda Hayes. And unlike the others, who were more like automatons, coming to do their robotic bidding, Linda had a sparkle in her eyes, a curl of her lip, an extra dig of her cut when she took her swipe of Jovan. She had hoped that her time at the altar during service that morning, where she begged God, begged him to remove the nightmares, might give her a night of respite, but it wasn’t to be. If she actually took time to think about it, she’d realize that her continuous thinking about the nightmares would only create more of them.

When she woke up last night from the nightmare, Jovan rushed to her office—a place that held warm, soft thoughts for her as it was the place where words took to life. She reached for the small blue bible she kept on the desk and rifled through the pages before landing her finger on Luke 10:19, I have given you authority …to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

The words brought her peace, but she had an even better way of using her authority to overcome her enemies. She took out a pad and pen, and spent a good hour creating a list of people she needed to take down.

Linda Hayes was at the top of that list. For going on two years, the Trés Chic head reporter-now executive producer had been relentless in her pursuit to find something bad to report about Jovan. Even after everyone else had put the murder of Jovan’s husband and the fallout of it behind them, Linda was determined to continue to bring up Jovan’s painful story: Cordell’s murder. Cordell’s affair with Alisha. Cordell’s affair with Sarah. The baby Sarah carried. The complex scheming and plotting that revealed Cordell’s drugged-out brother was supposed to kill Jovan but instead killed Cordell. Jovan’s reaching out to Mark, Sarah’s husband, in a time of need and the subsequent relationship that continued long after Cordell was buried. The justice (though not peace) that was brought to Jovan and her family.
In all parts of the world, Jovan’s soap opera of a life had come and gone as new, crazier stories unfolded. But in Baltimore, where she and her twin Cheyenne were deemed stars for their bestselling-authors status and their charities, Jovan’s story continued to live—mostly thanks to Linda Hayes.
And somehow, she had managed to overcome her anger at Linda and this ferocious, tenacious need Linda had to break her down.

But then yesterday arrived, and Jovan became undone.

She had tried to go about her day. She went to a speaking engagement for her solo inspirational non-fiction, Picking up the Pieces, a book that detailed the story of her life with Cordell and the aftermath. She met with Cheyenne to work on the outline of their next mystery, Vanishing Keys. She even got ready to meet Mark for a dinner date down at the Inner Harbor. Not once did anyone in her inner circle mention the significance of the day: the second anniversary of Cordell’s death. They knew it wasn’t needed. They knew Jovan would have stayed up the entire night prior, still crying over the loss, still angry over the betrayal, still unsteady on what to do with her life. She was still fragile from the coming and going of Cordell’s birthday nearly three weeks ago. She had spent that day in quiet reflection, wondering why, yet again, she couldn’t find out about Cordell’s lies before anyone had to die. She still felt like an idiot over believing Sarah was her friend. She had spent hours talking to Sarah, telling her about the decline in her marriage—never realizing that her supposed friend was sleeping with her husband.

Any normal person, knowing what she’d been through, would have given Jovan this day to grieve, to feel, to think in her own personal space.

But not Linda Hayes.

Jovan had expected to hear from her. After all, she saw commercials regarding Linda’s anniversary special. Linda had her assistant call her earlier in the month, trying to get her to talk about Cordell on the day of his birthday. Jovan had told her to “Go read Picking up the Pieces if you’re so damn interested in learning what I’m willing to say about Cordell. Other than that, leave me the hell alone, Miss Hayes.”

It was only a matter of time that Linda would call her again, trying to get some comment to use for her latest special.

Linda’s assistant called. Six, seven, eight times. Every time, Jovan would hang up.

On the ninth time, as she slipped her feet into her black stilettos, Jovan finally relented.

She picked up the phone and yelled, “Let me speak to Linda.” She quickly raced into the office and picked up her digital recorder, turning it on and setting her phone on speakerphone. Linda came on to the phone, her voice warm and soft as she said, “I’m so sorry for your loss, Jovan.”

“If you’re so sorry, why are you harassing me? Obviously, I have nothing to say to you.”

About The Author:

Shonell Bacon is an author, doctoral candidate, editor, educator–everywoman. She has published both creatively and academically–novels, short stories, essays, and textbooks. She has had an essay of hers developed as part of a live theatre documentary production. In addition to her love of writing and what the future holds in her literary life, she is also an editor who loves helping writers hone their literary craft. Since 2001, she has edited for hundreds of writers who have gone on to pursue self-publishing careers and have been published within the traditional publishing arena. Her love for helping writers also moved her to begin writing articles and commentaries regarding the writing life and craft, and she publishes these articles on various websites.

She is an educator, having taught English and mass communication courses in addition to fiction writing and other courses related to creative writing. And while taking part in all of those things, Shonell also finds the time to pursue her Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. Now a doctoral candidate, she is conducting research and writing her dissertation.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Intuitive Arts Festival

I would like to invite everyone to come to The Intuitive Arts Festival this weekend at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. My Spiritual Family at New Life Spiritual Center is sponsoring this event and I am so excited and honored to make this my first official signing.

We will start this event with a Gallery Message Spirit with Krista Kaine tonight at 7 pm. It is only $20 to attend this event. Krista is an incredible psychic and medium who will amaze you with her gifts. She will be contacting Spirit Guides and departed loved ones to bring messages to those in attendance. Krista is the real deal and I promise you will not be disappointed. Get there early and be prepared to be blown away by the message the Spirit will give to you.

The Intuitive Arts Festival is tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm. Krista will be doing intuitive readings. My friend Teresa Long will be doing Intuitive Chakra Readings. Reiki Master Davidlee Slate will be offering Reiki and Sacred Healing Meditation. We will also have guests vendors from Cosmic Connections as well Astrological Readings, Crystal Healings, Chiropractic Consultations, Chair Massage, Numerology and Tarot Reading.

I will be at the entrance with print copies of all of my books available for personal signings with perhaps a message from my Spirit Guide Odessa. I'll be offering a free ebook and discounts on downloading my other books if you get a print copy. I'll also have CDs with my complete Ring Dreams series and bonus short stories available in .pdf and .epub format or .pdf and .mobi format for only $7. You can transfer the files from your computer to any ereading device or download a free Kindle or Nook Reading application. The .pdf files will work on any device with Adobe Reader. 

I'll also have QR Codes you can scan to buy my ebooks with one click on your iPhone or Android device. Two of my books, Infinity and Desire are part of the Book Lovers Buffet featuring over 150 .99 ebooks in every romance genre. The sale starts today and goes through the 22nd. I'm also set up for Kindlegraphs where Odessa might just send a special message straight to your Kindle.

This event is free and has a little something for everyone. I hope you will come and join us in the special celebration of Spirit. If you can't be at the event and would like to order one of my Ring Dreams CDs they are only $10 including shipping or $7 emailed to you as a zip file in the format of your choice. Just email me at jezebeljorge(at) for all the details.