Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some words from Courtney

When Courtney's not happy, no one is happy. So, upon her request I have to amend something from the previous blog. Her twin sons are exempt from that whole having all the Dalton's dick comment. She might be a freak, but unlike her not-so-dearly-departed daddy Charlie Fletcher, she's not a pedophile or into incest.

Although it should be noted that at the time Charlie had no idea that Amalie was his half-sister.

As for Rowan, Courtney says, "the inbreeding speaks for itself."

They might have made nice in Spell Struck, but now that the fever is gone and things have slowed to a slow boil with Alex, Courtney is reconsidering her take on exactly what really happened in Headlocks & Hexes.

She also thinks everyone should read Spell Struck to get her side of the whole slut accusation story.

It is available on Amazon and Nook and only $2.99

If you like a kick ass heroine that's not afraid to speak or mind Courtney is your gal.

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