Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guest Blog with Xandra James

Strange =Good... At least around these parts... I'd like to welcome Xandra James as she tells us a little about herself and her writing... So with out further adieu...

Xandra James!

I've been called strange for most of my life. It's a description I embrace, even if I do prefer to call myself unique.

I'm a unique girl who wonders what the world would be like if things that go bump in the night were actually real. And sexy. And didn't want to chew your face off straight away.

It was a natural progression for me to write paranormal romance after I put pen to paper. The love of all things supernatural had been with me since I was a kid. In fact, my Grandmother was said to be psychic – and I am a lot like her in many ways. Yeah, okay, she was probably 'unique' too as are the rest of my family, but the love of the unexplained grew as I did.

I'm a great believer in what's meant to be. Fate can be a bitch but she's usually right… I was always meant to be one of those people who never truly settled into a profession – until now. I was never meant to be in the slightest bit practical *she says after holding her hand after hitting it with a hammer*. I was always meant to write – in some form or another. And I was always meant to use my interest in the paranormal in some way.

Writing Reluctant Revenge and then shortly after, Shadow Justice, was the first time I'd ever fully felt at home in my weirdness. And part of a community who didn't roll their eyes at me! I could talk to myself, imagine characters that came to life and create the romances I wanted to fall in love with. Bliss - lol. Creating two very different worlds in these books allowed me to use every bit of my vivid imagination to have sexy demons and angels fighting horrible vampires or Shadow's and witches fighting evil dictators. I call the shots. Isn't that pretty cool?

So here I am, writing yet another story and embracing my uniqueness once again. I don't care if I never fit in completely. I don't even care if people still call me odd. I've never been more proud to stand out from the crowd and be counted.

I made it as an author of fun paranormal romance and I get to kill people. Long live us strange girls and guys, the nerds, the geeks and the oddities. Who wants to be the same anyway? That's just boring. ;)


  1. Thanks for having me here, Jezebel! :)

  2. and long may you keep and use your strangeness, er uniqueness Xandra, because we need it and your great books.

  3. LOL, thanks Raven! Us weirdo's have to stick together, right? ;)