Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Spotlight: Kiss Me Baby by Cherie Denis

This week's book spotlight is Kiss Me Baby by one of my awesome MCRW chaptermates, Cherie Denis.

It was High Most Regent, Montclair Twelvetoes time to retire and choose where he wished to live. So he hopped a freighter and left his planet, Kazza. His people spoke of this planet they called Earth. So he decided to go and make this a new adventure. But nothing goes as planned.

Christine Morton, a lonely, lovely lady with long bronze hair and a soft heart for lost pets. She discovers Monty and offers him a home. Now why does he look familiar? Monty follows her around like a puppy, helping her keep her novel in order by laying on the pages as she prints them.

Monty can’t help but be drawn to his new owner. He just wants to be with her and near her all the time. He wants to make Christine his own. Take her back to Kazza. But will she agree to the price.

Will she agree to….”Kiss Me Baby”…

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