Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guest Blog with Xandra James

Strange =Good... At least around these parts... I'd like to welcome Xandra James as she tells us a little about herself and her writing... So with out further adieu...

Xandra James!

I've been called strange for most of my life. It's a description I embrace, even if I do prefer to call myself unique.

I'm a unique girl who wonders what the world would be like if things that go bump in the night were actually real. And sexy. And didn't want to chew your face off straight away.

It was a natural progression for me to write paranormal romance after I put pen to paper. The love of all things supernatural had been with me since I was a kid. In fact, my Grandmother was said to be psychic – and I am a lot like her in many ways. Yeah, okay, she was probably 'unique' too as are the rest of my family, but the love of the unexplained grew as I did.

I'm a great believer in what's meant to be. Fate can be a bitch but she's usually right… I was always meant to be one of those people who never truly settled into a profession – until now. I was never meant to be in the slightest bit practical *she says after holding her hand after hitting it with a hammer*. I was always meant to write – in some form or another. And I was always meant to use my interest in the paranormal in some way.

Writing Reluctant Revenge and then shortly after, Shadow Justice, was the first time I'd ever fully felt at home in my weirdness. And part of a community who didn't roll their eyes at me! I could talk to myself, imagine characters that came to life and create the romances I wanted to fall in love with. Bliss - lol. Creating two very different worlds in these books allowed me to use every bit of my vivid imagination to have sexy demons and angels fighting horrible vampires or Shadow's and witches fighting evil dictators. I call the shots. Isn't that pretty cool?

So here I am, writing yet another story and embracing my uniqueness once again. I don't care if I never fit in completely. I don't even care if people still call me odd. I've never been more proud to stand out from the crowd and be counted.

I made it as an author of fun paranormal romance and I get to kill people. Long live us strange girls and guys, the nerds, the geeks and the oddities. Who wants to be the same anyway? That's just boring. ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Auction for the Cure of Diabetes

My novel Spell Stuck is included on this Kindle that several indie authors chipped in to donate to Brenda Novak's On-Line Auction for the Cure of Diabetes. The auction runs through May 31st and the proceeds go to a great cause. There are several items available, so check out the site and bid on something today.

Erotic Romance/Fantasy Romance/Sci-Fi Romance/Time-TravelRomance Kindle (D#2)

Our Kindle includes the following books:

I BELIEVE by Vicki Batman
HIGHLANDER by Cathleen Ross
SPELL STRUCK by Jezebel Jorge
SOWERS DREAM by Debra Holland 
TIME’S ENEMY (SATURN SOCIETY) by Jennette Marie Powell

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Freebie: Smart Mouth Waitress by Dalya Moon

Perry makes a strong first impression, from her white-girl dreadlocks to her uncensored opinions.

When she combs out her dreads on a whim, she catches the eye of a cute guy who’s a regular at The Whistle, the diner where she works as a waitress. He mistakes Perry for someone completely different: the girl of his dreams.

Perry tries to become that girl. But it’s so hard to be normal.

And eyebrow piercings are so cute.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Spotlight: Kiss Me Baby by Cherie Denis

This week's book spotlight is Kiss Me Baby by one of my awesome MCRW chaptermates, Cherie Denis.

It was High Most Regent, Montclair Twelvetoes time to retire and choose where he wished to live. So he hopped a freighter and left his planet, Kazza. His people spoke of this planet they called Earth. So he decided to go and make this a new adventure. But nothing goes as planned.

Christine Morton, a lonely, lovely lady with long bronze hair and a soft heart for lost pets. She discovers Monty and offers him a home. Now why does he look familiar? Monty follows her around like a puppy, helping her keep her novel in order by laying on the pages as she prints them.

Monty can’t help but be drawn to his new owner. He just wants to be with her and near her all the time. He wants to make Christine his own. Take her back to Kazza. But will she agree to the price.

Will she agree to….”Kiss Me Baby”…

Friday, May 4, 2012

Book Spotlight - Allison Grey's Half-ling: Bloody Promises

What better way to celebrate an intense full moon in Scorpio than spotlighting Allison Grey an author who specializes in horror fiction and with a dose of paranormal intrigue and romance.

Half-ling Bloody Promises is the third book in her Half-ling vampire series from Evernight Publishing.

Newly wed half-vampires Reney and Ahulani have just had their first child, and they couldn’t be happier…if they didn’t live in constant fear of the vampires Jane and Marian. The cousin of the vampire Richard, Marian is a notoriously sadistic intellectual who will stop at nothing to please his lovers. When the half-lings find out Jane will only be satisfied with the murder of their daughter, they must travel to the homeland of the vampires to try and make the first move in a horrifying race to save their daughter.

Only a head vampire stands a chance in a fight with Marian Popescu, and Reney can think of only one with any incentive to assist…. He wants his throne back. Reney wants her life back. But will their worst enemy really team up with them without turning on the half-lings himself?

You can follow Allison on Facebook to learn more about the lady behind her wicked delicious books.

Friday Freebie - A Little Bit of Déjà Vu by Laurie Kellogg

Today's fun and free read is by fellow Indie Romance Ink author Laurie Kellogg. I've already snagged A Little Bit of Déjà Vu on my Kindle Fire and can't wait to check it out.

Winner of the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Award and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association® Zola Award

Sometimes destiny has the last word (and laugh)

Fate thrust them together Blackmail and deception tore them apart Nineteen years later, their children's love reunites them Now, only truth and forgiveness can make them a family

Margie Bradford is picking up the pieces of her shattered life following her husband's death. When her cousin encourages her to make a fresh start with her teenage daughter, unsuspecting Margie takes a reading specialist job in the small town of Redemption, PA. The last person she expects to encounter is Rocket Manion, the ex-NFL quarterback and Dr. Phil wannabe who broke her heart nineteen years ago. Strangling her meddling cousin is now at the top of Margie's to-do list.

Divorced teacher and head football coach Jake Manion experiences an eerie sense of déjà vu when his son announces he's gotten his girlfriend pregnant. The feeling simply grows stronger when Jake learns the girl's mother is Maggie, the same woman on whom he's wasted nearly two decades of bitterness.

While planning their kids' wedding and helping them grow up too soon, Jake attempts to pick up right where he left off--in Margie's bed. But no matter how irresistible his kisses are, she isn't stupid enough to let him hurt her again. Or is she?

About the Author:  Laurie Kellogg is a two-time winner and seven-time nominee for the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® award, the winner of Pacific Northwest Writers Association® Zola award, and a Romantic Times® American Title I finalist. She began writing to avoid housework and has since resorted to naming the dust-bunnies multiplying as fast as real rabbits while she plots love stories that are steamy, heartwarming, romantic fun.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some words from Courtney

When Courtney's not happy, no one is happy. So, upon her request I have to amend something from the previous blog. Her twin sons are exempt from that whole having all the Dalton's dick comment. She might be a freak, but unlike her not-so-dearly-departed daddy Charlie Fletcher, she's not a pedophile or into incest.

Although it should be noted that at the time Charlie had no idea that Amalie was his half-sister.

As for Rowan, Courtney says, "the inbreeding speaks for itself."

They might have made nice in Spell Struck, but now that the fever is gone and things have slowed to a slow boil with Alex, Courtney is reconsidering her take on exactly what really happened in Headlocks & Hexes.

She also thinks everyone should read Spell Struck to get her side of the whole slut accusation story.

It is available on Amazon and Nook and only $2.99

If you like a kick ass heroine that's not afraid to speak or mind Courtney is your gal.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


How am I supposed to take a review seriously when the "reviewer" can't tell the difference between Courtney and Allison? Two characters as different as night and day.

Courtney is a blond bombshell wrestling diva. A former Playboy centerfold. A fitness professional with a nose job, the best tits money can buy and an attitude to match. A blackbelt who's not afraid to get in the ring and go toe to toe with any of the wrestlers. An unabashed slut - come on, she's fucked every Dalton with a dick. Alex. Maverick. Etc. 

Courtney's a bitch and damn proud of it.

Allison is the girl next door. Brunette, self-conscious over no longer being a size 8. Her tits are real, she doesn't bleach her hair and has never had a manicure in her whole life. She's a veterinarian with a career and a life that doesn't revolve around the wrestling business. She's only had one Dalton dick - and that would be the one that belongs to Bryson, the only guy she's ever really loved.

What do they have in common? They both have vaginas and they've both been cheated on and with Bryson. The similarities stop there.

How anyone would think Rowan was outside casting a spell in a bathtub? All I'm gonna say is... duh.

Silly rhyming spells...

Guess what? I'm a fucking witch. The real damn deal. Those "silly spells" actually do work. Unlike a lot of those stupid "paranormal romances" that mock witches, I walk the walk and talk the fucking talk. 

Pagan and damn proud of it!

If you're going to review a book, at least freaking read it.

They say you aren't supposed to respond to negative reviews, but this one was just too damn stupid not to speak up on. I play by no one's rules. If you don't like my books, that's your right. I know I have a very strong voice. People either love or hate my writing. The royalty checks are coming in now, so trash me all you want. I'll laugh all the way to the bank.

Desire has a brand new cover and a silver best seller star over at All Romance Ebooks. To celebrate for a limited time you can get the book on sale for only $1.49.

Paul Bryson is slightly pissed that is baby girl is getting all down and dirty on the cover, but Billy's digging it. Just in case you might not have figured it out yet - Billy's got a thing for red heads.