Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ghosts on TV

I just happened to be flipping channels this evening when I came across a show on the BIO Channel about ghosts being caught in photos or using the TV as a form of communication. It's not much of a secret that professional wrestler Tracy Smothers and I were living together at the time of Chris Candido's unfortunate death.

I'll never forget Tracy calling me on the way home from a show telling me that one of the boys, I think it was Shane Douglas, had just called and told him about Chris' death. Seems like he'd just talked to Chris a few days earlier. Candito's death hit him really hard as he was a mentor to Chris and they got to be good friends working together in SMW.

That weekend I did a long loop with Tracy where at every show a tribute was done for Chris. I became a fan of CM Punk at one of those shows where he came out and sat down on the ring apron and paid his respects to Chris in a very eloquent and heartfelt manner.

By the time the loop ended at a Sunday night show in Bowling Green, KY we were both mentally and physically drained. That night Tracy worked some idiot who had no business being anywhere near the ring. The asshole had the nerve to use Chris Candido's entrance music AC/DC's Back in Black. After all we have been through that weekend that was what caused me to break down in tears. I confronted the guy after the show and told him how tasteless it was to use Tracy's friend's entrance music. This miserable excuse of a human being did not even know who Chris Candido was.

At some point on the loop one of the boys from the show gave Tracy a tribute DVD they had made in honor of Chris. Tracy played the DVD a lot. The weird thing is sometimes that DVD would just start playing by itself, usually when Tracy was struggling with bouts of post concussion syndrome. One night we were both in the living room watching RAW and with neither of us touching the remote the Chris Candido DVD started playing. That's when we knew for sure that it was Chris trying to communicate with Tracy from the other side. Tracy can vouch for all the times that DVD would just decide to play with nether of us turning it on.

Chris also had another way of communicating with Tracy, several times when he'd be down and depressed and struggling with head trama,  Back in Black would play on the radio. It always seemed to happen when he needed to be reminded of his friend. One time I remember we were having one of our many fights and Back in Black started playing on my radio. I just held the phone to the speaker and didn't say another word. Chris spoke for us by using his music to let us know he was there watching over Tracy.  I have no doubt that Chris is now one of Tracy's spirit guides.

Every time I hear that song I still think of Chris Candido and am thankful that even from the other side he still reaches out to his friend. Listen to the words to that song and think of Chris, the lyrics really are haunting.

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