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Book Spotlight: Miss Good Samaritan by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Robin Cavanaugh's ordinary Saturday goes awry when a wounded man leaps into her car at a traffic light and refuses to go to the hospital. Robin's first instinct is to take him to the nearest police station but when he tells her his name, she realizes he's a member of her church. He swears he's one of the good guys and Robin feels inclined to believe him. So she takes him home and tends his wounds.

When his condition worsens, she even uses his cell phone to contact what turns out to be his brother, the local medical doctor. Robin soon learns that Gray is no criminal but an undercover agent whose life may be in danger.

As their relationship develops and Gray heals, Robin becomes part of the action, too. When she gives him her heart and accepts his marriage proposal, Robin has no idea if he'll survive his last undercover operation or not.

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy is a full-time romance author. A native of the old historic city of St. Joseph, Missouri, one time home to both Jesse James and the Pony Express, she now lives and writes in the beautiful Missouri Ozark region. Her romance novels include Wolfe’s Lady (December 2010 Evernight Publishing), Love Tattoo, (March 2011, Evernight), Love Scars (June 2011, Evernight), Love Never Fails (May 2011, Rebel Ink Press), Kinfolk (July 2011, Champagne Books), The Marriage Cure (Astraea Press, July 2011), Love Scars, July 2011 (Evernight Publishing). Love Tattoo, Love Scars, and Love Knots, Love Shadows are the first four books of the six book Love Covenant series. Other novels include Witness Protection Program (Rebel Ink Press, A Time To Love (Champagne Books. Sing We Now of Christmas (Rebel Ink Press, December 2011). 2012 is already kicking off with more novel releases including A Patient Heart, Miss Good Samaritan, Guy’s Angel, In Love’s Own Time, Heart of the Ozarks) In The Shadow of War, and a novella, Long Live The King (Champagne Books). Her work also appears in more than twenty anthologies and she has multiple short story/non-fiction credits.

She is a member of RWA, Missouri Writers Guild, EPIC, and the Ozarks Writers League.

Her work also appears in multiple anthologies. She earned a BA degree in both English and History from Missouri Southern State University as well as an AA Degree in Journalism from Crowder College.  She worked in broadcast media for a decade and also has a background in education.  Her weekly column “Hindsight” appears each week in the Neosho Daily News.

She is married to Roy W. Murphy and the couple has three children, Emily, Megan, and Patrick Murphy.

If Lee Ann – or Lee as many of her writing friends know her – isn’t writing, she’s reading or spending time outdoors.

In Neosho, Missouri, the small town she now calls home, she serves on the local library board, is active in the annual Relay For Life fight against cancer, has worked with the local Arts Council, and is active in her parish.

“I want you,” Gray breathed into her ear. “Robin, will you come with me?”

Her heart leapt and she’d swear it wedged midway up her throat.  Each beat resonated through her, her skin tingling with anticipation as she nodded and took the hand he offered.  Gray led her back to the big front bedroom and he shut the door with infinite care.   A full harvest moon shone through the thin curtains and a slight breeze with the chill of autumn came through the one window open just an inch or so.  Robin shivered but not with cold as Gray came to her.

Facing her, he held her face between his hands and kissed her, his mouth soft and yet urgent against her mouth.  His fingers undid the snap buttons on her flannel nightgown with slow precision and he pulled the garment from her.   The gown dropped to the floor and he slid a single finger into the waistband of her cotton Hanes panties to lower them to her ankles.  Robin stepped out of them, aroused and unafraid.  She’d never been more certain about the sexual act as now.  This wasn’t one of her college experiences when a little too much drink turned her head and blurred judgment or an aggressive date who pushed too far, too fast.  For the first time in her life, Robin realized she was about to make love and the idea fired her imagination just as much as desire heated her blood to fever heat.

Gray removed his boxers and pulled her against him so they stood, skin to skin.  The incredible sensation fascinated Robin and she adored the way his flesh rubbed against hers.  Her breasts rested against his mat of chest hair and without conscious thought, she used her hands to run across the contours of his body.  She trailed her hands from his shoulders down, delighting in the way his skin reacted to her touch.  On Gray’s right side, she let her hand go down to his thigh but on the left, she skirted his healing wound but with sudden impulse, she bent to kiss it, her mouth lighter than a moth’s brush in the night.

Gray moaned aloud and she hesitated. “Did I hurt you?” she whispered.

“Feels damn good,” he said, “Touch me some more, honey.”

His command equaled her wish so Robin did.  Her hands moved over him, marveling at his solid body, the rock hard muscles, the beautiful way his parts fit together into a whole.  As she explored, so did he.  Gray stroked her titties, his fingers slow and tantalizing.   He bent his mouth to them and he suckled at first one nipple, then the other as an incredible erotic pleasure soared within Robin until she thought she’d die from the physical joy.  Inspired and fired with the wildest passion she’d ever known, Robin put her mouth against the base of his throat and nibbled. 

Her hand moved from his thigh to his crotch where she reached out to grasp the fullness of his cock in her hand.  As she held it, she used her tongue to make laps around each of his nipples and then brought it down lower.   Gray sighed and found her mouth.  He pressed his against hers with urgency, with a rising need and his cock answered by growing in her hand.  Robin savored the way it hardened against her flesh and she caressed it, moving her fingers up and down the shaft with slow movements.

His male musk, a wonderful scent intoxicating her senses, combined soap, lingering cologne, and just a man smell Robin adored.    They continued touching and fingering each other’s bodies, handling every part they could reach until need built up within Robin until she knew she’d explode without an outlet.  Gray must’ve felt the same because he whispered, “Now, Robin, now,” as he took her to his bed.

Robin scooted on her back until she rested her head on the pillows and opened her legs as Gray lowered himself onto her.  She arched forward to meet his thrust, a single stroke entering her vaginal passage with speed tempered with gentleness.  Robin cried out as he impacted and filled her, the sensation so glorious she couldn’t contain her delight and Gray hushed her with another kiss.  He tongued her this time, his tongue twining with hers as he went deeper and rocked her.

Everything she coveted built to a crescendo and when it came, so did she.  A mind blowing wild rush of intense pleasure claimed her, radiating out from her center to spread through her body.  Her hands gripped him hard as she trembled with her release, her body pouring into his the way a flood stage river leaves the banks.  Gray shuddered against her, convulsed with his own physical completion and in a hoarse whisper uttered the words she craved, “I love you, Robin.”

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Spotlight: Jorja Lovett's Into The Wild

This week's featured book is Into The Wild by fellow Evernight Publishing author Jorja Lovett.

After another doomed relationship, Laurie Sommers cocoons herself in the 'living ghost town' of Coyote Creek. But the arrival of Smith Masterson, her unrequited teenage love, torpedoes her cozy spinsterhood, setting her ablaze with a burning desire she believed long gone.

A Texas Ranger through and through, there's no room for a relationship in Smith's life—not at eighteen and certainly not now that he's investigating a robbery and the subsequent shooting of the Captain. Persuading Laurie to fake a relationship to keep his cover is the easy part. The hard part is restraining himself around her.

Jorga's has also been very busy with two releases in one week. She's also has a short story - In Her Element featured in The Alpha's (The Blood Bar Chronicles). This book really sounds like a hot one, teaming with Doris O'Connor, Cherie Nicholls, and Arya Grey.

When the Wicked Ladies of Fiction meet up in a Scottish bar they don’t expect a night filled with danger, lust and hot supernatural men…

When quiet Ana Chapman meets Fire Elemental, Zanaan, at the Blood Bar, a night of hot sex makes her realize just what she's been missing.

For the first time in her life, Ana Chapman is ready for a little excitement. Escaping her mother's tyranny in Belfast for one weekend in Edinburgh to meet her online writers' group seems more than enough to cope with. But her visit to the Blood Bar changes everything. Spontaneous public orgasms, supernatural beings, and teleportation weren't on her agenda for the trip. Neither was losing her virginity.

 Zanaan is a Fire Elemental, who most humans can't see. When the shy Irish lass locks eyes with him in the bar, he's drawn to her, and this time it isn't the Salamander legend spurring his chase to bed a mortal. After a night of passion with Ana, he feels the effects immediately—he's losing his powers and becoming human. It's what he always wanted. Isn't it?

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Friday Freebie: Mother Earth Murders

Eli Harris is a man on a mission. This young profiler is following his gut as he seeks to build his reputation and establish himself with the Bureau. He has travelled thousands of miles on his own time and money to hunt down that most elusive of creatures…a female serial killer.

Gaia Montgomery is a woman on a mission. In service to the Goddess, she hunts down and brings to justice the men, who rape and pillage the earth’s precious resources with no regard for the havoc they leave behind. 

What happens when Mother Earth places these two on a collision course with destiny? Can Eli stop her from killing again?

Murder Earth Murders by Tara Neale is a free download on Smashwords.

About Tara Neale:

Tara Neale is a homeschool mom and aspiring indie romance writer. Most mornings, she can be found typing away on her laptop with a cup of hot, black coffee nearby. Her days are filled rushing after her delightful special needs daughter as they explore and learn together.

Since she spends lots of money on books, she has two book review blogs. Indie Reviews ( promotes the best self-published romance authors and their books. While Islington Homeschool Mom ( helps parents of special needs children makes sense of all the theories and resources that are out there and find those that work for them and their families.

Monday, April 16, 2012 Featured Book

My young adult novel Shattered is the featured book over at today.

If you have a Kobo reader this is the site to find all kinds of great deals.

Fifteen year old Amalie is an outcast brainiac with a psycho witchy bitch of a mom and no magickal powers to call her own until a chain of events turn her world upside down.

She gets her first kiss.

Her mom runs off with a pro wrestler.

Amalie is raped. Stella decides to come out and play.

Someone turns up pregnant.

In order to survive Amalie becomes Shattered.

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100 Free EBooks

What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th with over 100 free ebook downloads? Kindle Freebies is offering free downloads in all genres. Please stop by the site and load up your Kindle with free books.

Just visit Kindle Freebies and click the cover of a book to check out it’s Amazon page and get more info and download it for FREE! Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can get the Kindle app for any Apple or Android device. You can also download Kindle for PC from the site. It’s free and you can get a lot of great books at the best price possible….FREE!

 All of the books are also FREE on To see the books on the UK site, just replace the “” from the book links with “”, or search for the books manually on the site.

You'll find Wicked Desires under erotica, but there is something for every reader on this site. Romance, Horror, Thrillers, Young Adult, Self-Help, Children's Books, Anthologies... You name it, you can find something on this site.

Please take a look and support Indie Writers striving to bring their readers the best in fresh and affordable books.

If you enjoy Odessa's excerpt from Wicked Desires please check out the whole story in Desire.

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Chasing Earth and Flame

Do you know how the Medievals used to write? A piece of literature rarely had a single author because it was the product of generations of re-writing and tweaking. Art in the Middle Ages was a group effort, and since there was no such thing as copyright, this worked out just fine. Sometimes I wish we still had that system today, a system where people could collaborate together to create something marvelous, and not one person take all the credit. We have that to some extent in visual media like movies and television, but not in writing. Can you imagine if you could take your favorite book and re-write the weak parts or improve the lame ending, knowing that you were making it better? That's just what the Medievals did! They didn't believe in the Myth of the Solitary Genius like many do today. “Oh, so-and-so is a peerless artist! How dare we mere mortals question his decisions?” When people get too big for their britches, they start making mistakes, and their art suffers for it. No one is perfect, and everyone could use some advice and revision. I'm not going to name drop, but I can think of a dozen off the top of my head. I make mistakes all the time; I have some real bone-headed ideas, and if they made it into my novels, I'd look like a dork. It's fortunate, then, that I have my wife as a co-writer. (By the way, I'm the Mr. half of the Adonis Devereux writing duo.) We naturally edit each other; we encourage each other, and our stories – I hope! – are better for it. Thanks so much, Jezebel, for having us here today! Anybody who wants a free copy of Chasing Earth and Flame, comment below for a chance to win. Also, like our author page on Facebook for access to exclusive content such as maps and recipes, unique to our fantasy world of Gilalion!

Nevia Akara Judal is the daughter of the First House of Nirrion, but though she is both a powerful elemental mage and a cunning political mind, she is her father's property. She is promised to Melenius, the only other noble elementalist in the city, but she is not certain she approves of her father's choice. She has a stronger will than anyone has ever given her credit for, and she is determined to find and keep the love of the only man who can conquer her heart of earth and flame.


Melenius caught Nevia by the arm and pulled her into a curtained alcove.
“We will be seen,” Nevia whispered.
Melenius shook his head. Cena was due to begin in a few minutes, so he had to work quickly.
“This won’t take long.” He produced the anal plug he had shown her on their honeymoon.
It was Nevia’s turn to shake her head.
“Yes,” Melenius said. He pulled out a vial of scented oil from his small shoulder bag. Nevia’s frosty eyes widened, and he smiled in his airs at her coyness. He poured the oil over the plug, then rubbed it around the head and down its length. “Turn around.”
Nevia did so, but she kept her eyes on her husband. Melenius had never seen anything sexier than his beautiful wife looking over her shoulder with fear and anticipation trembling in her elements as he hitched up her dress. Her fine, white ass was just what he wanted, and his cock hardened. He considered taking her right there, but the sound of music coming from the atrium made him think better of it. The entertainment had arrived. Dinner was imminent, and they would be missed if they were not punctual.
Melenius dabbed a bit of oil on the rosebud of Nevia’s anus and rubbed it around with his thumb. Nevia moaned.
“Quiet!” Melenius’s tone was half serious, half mirthful.
He pressed the tip of the lubricated plug against her ass and slowly applied pressure. He did not at once break her wall, and he was surprised at her body’s unwillingness to allow entry. With a stronger but still gentle push, he felt the pop as the plug slipped into her back passage.
Nevia’s knees buckled, but she did not collapse. The temperature in the alcove plummeted, and though Melenius knew her fires were stoked, she fixed him with an icy glare.
Nevia stood and let her skirts fall back into place. “You dare toy with the ass of an Akara?” She raised her hand to slap Melenius, but he caught her by the wrist.
Melenius lightly bit that wrist as he tweaked her nipple with his other hand. “Now, go be a good girl, and eat your supper.” He opened the curtain and slapped her ass on the way out.
Nevia continued to murder him with her eyes, but her elements betrayed her increasing desire. He sensed her laughter on his winds.
Cena was an elaborate affair, much more so than Melenius would have expected for just a one-night stay in a provincial town. As exotic, half-naked slaves from far-away lands juggled fire sticks before them all, Melenius turned to Judal the Younger.
“I wonder, why all this?” he asked. He popped a fresh, green olive in his mouth.
Nevius, reclined on one elbow, sipped his mulled wine and answered without taking his eyes from the entertainment. “We are returning from a great victory. Though Belamal presses forward, there will be glory for us upon our return to Nirrion. Why not celebrate a little? This is my father’s villa, after all.”
“Fair enough.”
“Enjoy yourself, Firin,” Nevius said. “You and my sister are saviors of the republic.” Nevia’s couch was situated close to his so that their heads would be near each other for conversation. He leaned over and kissed her brow.
Melenius, on the other side of the low table laden with rich food, watched this sibling exchange, knowing that her ass was plugged, that her cunt was probably wet as spring rains.
Nevia betrayed nothing; she could not to her brother, anyway, but neither did her elements. She was cool, collected, and calm. Melenius nodded in her direction, raised his cup in a silent toast to her, and drank its contents. A slave refilled his cup at once. Nevia, playing at human expressions, narrowed her eyes at him. Melenius almost choked on his next drink.
Radish salads and oysters gave way to hot-boiled goose and songbirds with asparagus. Between the appetizers and the main course, clowns had come to re-enact the battle of Vieta. The actor who pantomimed Belamal wore comical armor, and his gold-painted face twisted in all manner of melodramatic expressions.
Nevius ripped hot, juicy meat from the bone with his teeth. “Belamal Triumphant, to be sure.” His mouth was half-full of goose. “Too bad Garalach isn’t here. He could’ve made your job in Vieta easier.”
Melenius felt the instant drop in temperature, and the braziers that burned around them dimmed.
“More wood.” Nevius snapped his fingers at the nearest slave.
Nevia did not look at Melenius. Her eyes were fixed on the small plate she held on her lap. The name of Garalach clearly upset her, and Melenius wanted to go to her, to hold her and remind her of how he had been deceived. He had never stopped loving or wanting Nevia. It had not been his intention to betray her.
But Nevia would not return his glance.
The sun disappeared from the sky, and a cold wind blew through the peristyle and into the atrium.

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I spent a great deal of time going back and forth on whether to renew my membership to RWA. Today, I decided to go ahead and give them one more chance. Mainly because I have to remain a member to still belong to my local Music City Romance Writers chapter.

When I was first starting out with my writing career RWA was a valuable resource and I learned tons from going to the meetings with my local chapter. Now, not so much. In my opinion RWA is doing nothing to recognize the changing trend of the publishing industry for good writers choosing the indie instead of traditional path to publication. They have PRO for authors who are submitting their work and then they have PAN for authors who exceed $1000 in royalties from a traditional publisher on a full length manuscript. There is nothing left in the middle for the newly published.

I take my writing very seriously and consider it my second job. By choosing to go the Indie route and waiting the 90 days for payoffs for ebook vendors I am now getting royalty checks. I am being paid for my work. I'm not setting the world on fire yet, but I am making money from my writing. Even if one of my books sells $1000 I would not be eligible for PAN status. I can't enter any of my books in their RITA contest. Not that I want to because I think contests for the most part are a waste of money and totally subjective.

Where does that leave me with getting benefits from my RWA membership? I've plateaued out of most of the usefulness of being PRO and unless I give up my complete creative control of my work I'll never attain PAN status. In my decision to go the Indie route, I don't even feel like I've gotten very much support from my local chapter members. Being a medium, I pick up on energies that most people don't sense and in a room full of people it's easy for me to recognize a negative vibe.

A lot of times I feel like I'm out in the middle of the ocean swimming for my life. Luckily, I'm a very good swimmer and a Pisces, so the water is my home. I have found a wonderful support group in Indie Romance Ink and in just a few weeks I've learned more from this free group than anything I've gotten from RWA in ages.

In reality, maybe I'm just not a good fit for RWA. I have never been a reader of romance novels. My stories have some romance tied into the plotting, but my books are about my individual characters journey's, not hooking up for a happily ever after true love bullshit. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this, but I cringe at the very thought of being known as a "romance writer". I write Witch Lit. My characters have goals, motivations, and conflicts, but I don't believe in happily ever after and that's something I'll never intentionally write. You want sex? I can give you plenty for that in my stories. I can give you a happy right now ending, but as for the rest, until I actually witness a happily ever after I don't believe in it's existence.

Maybe that $95 would have been better spent on promoting my work. I don't know. All I do know is I am an extreme introvert and I need the chance to get out of my isolation and socialize with other writers. For now RWA seems to be my only local option.

All comments, pro or negative, are welcome...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ghosts on TV

I just happened to be flipping channels this evening when I came across a show on the BIO Channel about ghosts being caught in photos or using the TV as a form of communication. It's not much of a secret that professional wrestler Tracy Smothers and I were living together at the time of Chris Candido's unfortunate death.

I'll never forget Tracy calling me on the way home from a show telling me that one of the boys, I think it was Shane Douglas, had just called and told him about Chris' death. Seems like he'd just talked to Chris a few days earlier. Candito's death hit him really hard as he was a mentor to Chris and they got to be good friends working together in SMW.

That weekend I did a long loop with Tracy where at every show a tribute was done for Chris. I became a fan of CM Punk at one of those shows where he came out and sat down on the ring apron and paid his respects to Chris in a very eloquent and heartfelt manner.

By the time the loop ended at a Sunday night show in Bowling Green, KY we were both mentally and physically drained. That night Tracy worked some idiot who had no business being anywhere near the ring. The asshole had the nerve to use Chris Candido's entrance music AC/DC's Back in Black. After all we have been through that weekend that was what caused me to break down in tears. I confronted the guy after the show and told him how tasteless it was to use Tracy's friend's entrance music. This miserable excuse of a human being did not even know who Chris Candido was.

At some point on the loop one of the boys from the show gave Tracy a tribute DVD they had made in honor of Chris. Tracy played the DVD a lot. The weird thing is sometimes that DVD would just start playing by itself, usually when Tracy was struggling with bouts of post concussion syndrome. One night we were both in the living room watching RAW and with neither of us touching the remote the Chris Candido DVD started playing. That's when we knew for sure that it was Chris trying to communicate with Tracy from the other side. Tracy can vouch for all the times that DVD would just decide to play with nether of us turning it on.

Chris also had another way of communicating with Tracy, several times when he'd be down and depressed and struggling with head trama,  Back in Black would play on the radio. It always seemed to happen when he needed to be reminded of his friend. One time I remember we were having one of our many fights and Back in Black started playing on my radio. I just held the phone to the speaker and didn't say another word. Chris spoke for us by using his music to let us know he was there watching over Tracy.  I have no doubt that Chris is now one of Tracy's spirit guides.

Every time I hear that song I still think of Chris Candido and am thankful that even from the other side he still reaches out to his friend. Listen to the words to that song and think of Chris, the lyrics really are haunting.