Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review Contest

From now until May 1st I am having a review contest. Everyone who submits a review of one of my books to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads will get a discount code for a free copy of any of my other books (your pick) or my next release if you have already read all my current books.. I will pick one grand prize winner for a $10 gift card of your choice from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Every review you submit increases your chances of being a winner.

I don't care what rating you give me as long as you comment in the review about why you felt the book deserved that rating. I'd also greatly appreciate it if you would be nice enough to like or agree to the tags on my titles. Those simple things really help add to a book being more popular on search engines.

Please feel free to send me a friend request on Goodreads. I like to see what everyone else is reading.

Just email me the review link to jezebeljorge (at) to enter. Or leave the link here as a comment with a way for me to get back in touch with you.

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