Thursday, February 16, 2012

Demon Child

This WIP has been the beast beneath my bed. Or perhaps more accurately the story that won't go away. First of all, this is Odessa's real story. All of this shit really happened. I'd merely taking dictation from a spirit. A spirit who can't talk in a straight line. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to place the things she reveals to me in chronological order. When she's not in the mood to spill no words make the page.

The thing that scares me most is the marketability. A sixteen year old girl having an affair with a 40 year old married man. That one kinda breaks a lot of taboos. No, I can't age her to eighteen. That's not how it happened and most definitely not how she wants her story told. I've learned real quick that this story won't be told unless it's done on Odessa's terms.

Then there's the issue of these people being real. Sure, they are all dead now. But "Roger" and her beloved were very well known people. Just her insisting on calling him Roger really makes his identity fairly obvious. Of course this is going to be told as fiction and have such a disclaimer. Still, it's weird and her beloved has made it very clear to me that he is extremely sensitive to his still living granddaughter's feelings.

I am almost to what we'll call Part 2 of the story where I switch to Roger's point of view. This scares me because I don't always do well with allowing Roger to come through. In fact, the first time he paid us a visit I blacked out. He makes me dizzy and leaves me weak and totally drained. He's a force, even from the other side.

Odessa also struggles with her feelings for "Roger". She's far from the sixteen year old naive little girl she was then. A lot of heavy duty shit went down between them. He did some criminal and despicable things to her. Hell, in the grand scheme of things he's directly responsible for the deaths of both Odessa and her beloved. Yet, she's still drawn to him. There's still that spark.

Last night we reached a critical point in their relationship. She actually thanked him for allowing her to pass. She didn't want to live without her beloved. Her passing was her release from her pain. I think I can safely say that Odessa wasn't the most stable person in her previous existence. To quote her beloved, "The bitch was batshit crazy." Not that it stopped him from adoring her.

This is going to be the book that either breaks me or makes me. Stick around to find out what happens.

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