Sunday, January 1, 2012


Looking back on 2011 - Where should I begin?

The biggest thing for me was probably connecting with my spirit guide Odessa and embracing my gift as a medium. I'm not one of the TV psychics and I don't see spirits hovering around other people. My ghosts come to me. I can't control who, when or where. It just happens. But thanks to Odessa, I am getting better at shielding. I work with spirit boards and fell safe doing this because with Odessa shielding no negative entities are ever going to get through to me.

I thought my debut novel Headlocks & Hexes had found a home in 2010 with a February 2011 release. Things didn't work out as planned and thank Goddess I got my rights back. I then signed with another epublisher and waited and waited and waited. I think they had the best of intentions, but were just in over their heads. After talking it over with Odessa we decided to once again get the rights back and go indy with my Ring Dreams series.

That put me with two books released in 2011 - Headlocks & Hexes - with a cover I created and adore. Then Desire was released in November. It's rough getting my name out there, but I know I did the right thing with going indy and upholding my vision and intent for my Ring Dreams series.

I finished two manuscripts in 2011. Seances & Suplexes, the sequel to Headlocks & Hexes, will be released in February 2012. I also completed a young adult story, Shattered. I'm currently looking for a home for that one and may try some revisions before making the big decision on whether or not to take it indy.

Snow Angel was my first step away from my Ring Dreams series. It was published in Evernight Publishings Stockings & Suspenders 2011 Holiday Anthology. The anthology is an All Romance best seller and has gotten great reviews.

In 2012 I hope to finish Demon Child and Bleeding Hearts. Both of these are true stories from Odessa's previous life. Of course we're calling them fiction and making a few slight changes to protect the not so innocent.

I also plan to further develop my skills as a medium and possible write some more short stories. I've been toying with the idea of doing an astrological based series of erotic stories with each sign of the Zodiac.

All I know for sure is I plan to let Spirit guide my way into 2012 and hope for a prosperous and blessed new year.


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