Thursday, January 5, 2012

More intenSati Method

The intenSati Method is the most powerful fitness book that I have ever read. Patricia Moreno had me hooked as soon as she talked about being up on the competitive stage and still not liking her body and being worried that she wasn't good enough. Been there and done that. Maybe this is why the book resonates with me so deeply. I totally get what she is saying. 

I love her approach to the anti-diet. We all know that diets don't work. For weight loss to be permanent you have to change your life style. As some one who is an emotional eater, her one day at a time approach really works for me. Reading this book really helped me to get over the all or nothing mentality I find myself getting caught up in with my previous approaches to fitness. I'm going to go by her 90/10 rule. If you eat healthy 90% of the time it's okay to have an occasional cheat meal to keep you from feeling deprived.

It's best to read the book first with a highlighter and a notebook to jot down notes and the try the DVD. I don't like to call it a workout because I think practice is a more fitting term when embracing a new attitude. The DVD is called - Intensati: Intention and Power - A High Energy Workout for Body Mind and Soul.

Being a former fitness coordinator at a gym I am very particular about fitness classes and videos. This one gets rave reviews. The routines can be adapted to all fitness levels and Patricia encourages you to work at your own pace while also pushing you to keep trying to increase your limits. My only complaint would be for a novice user that the pace might be a little fast on picking up the moves. But, it was okay for me because I know to just go at my own pace and get the moves down before worrying about keeping up with the flow.

Patricia is also very inspiring and looks the part. That's very important for me because I could never take a class from an instructor who was not fitter than me. I used to hate doing lunges, but with the affirmations the lunges were actually fun. I love her whole Whiner to Warrior concept.

If you are looking for something to get you back on track and make the mind/body connection I can't think of anything that works better than The intenSati Method.


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