Thursday, December 13, 2012

Candy Cane Kink

Welcome to my witchy lair! If you're not familiar with my work I like to call my genre Witch Lit ~ Sizzle and Spice and some things Not so Nice. My Ring Dreams series features wicked witches and hot pro wrestlers.

You've probably heard that saying of write what you know, so... I'm a practicing witch and medium and an old self-professed ring rat (wrestling groupie) from back in the 1980s. Hanging with the wrestlers gave me real life research on what goes on behind the scenes in the wrestling business.

My favorite book in my Ring Dreams series is Vexed. It stars a wrestling and fitness diva, Courtney Dalton. She's recently divorced from the company's top star, Bryson Dalton, a legit badass both inside and outside of the ring. In the midst of the tension over their divorce, Courtney and Bryson are dealing with their young daughter Tabitha being an extremely powerful psychic and medium.

Rookie sensation Alex Kafelnikov was supposed to have just been a sexual distraction for Courtney. Romance was the last thing on her mind when she first hooked up with Alex on a lonely Christmas Eve. He's got his own drama in dealing with being dumped by his high school sweetheart and she's got some secrets she doesn't reveal until later in the story.

Then there's Billy Dalton, a pro wrestling legend and Bryson's father, and the man Courtney's been in love with since she was sixteen. Dirty Weekend is all about a young Courtney seducing her boy friend's father. Yeah, she used to date Bryson's younger brother Dylan, too. Courtney does love her Dalton men.

In Vexed Courtney comes to terms with the end of her marriage, her feelings for Billy, and falling for a much young and totally hot Alex. Sometimes love happens when I girl least expects it.

Hexed ~ The first book in my Ring Dreams series is only .99 cents this month on both Amazon and Nook. A love spell turns lethal when a young witch falls for a hot professional wrestler. Rowan will do anything to get her man. Not that Dylan Dalton is putting up much of a fight.

For my prize I am going to give away a seduction candle anointed by my spirit guide Odessa. She shares some of her story in two erotic short stories Under My Skin and The Lady is a Tramp. I might also throw in a couple of downloads for Odessa's stories. Just leave a comment below with your email.

Mother Maiden Crone ~ A Winter Solstice Celebration featuring the DeFliehr witches from my Ring Dreams series is FREE on Smashwords.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hot Autumn Nights Winners

I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by and took the time to participate in the Hot Autumn Nights blog hot.

Here are my winners:

April is the winner of the $5 gift card.
Dirty Weekend ~ Rissa
The Lady is a Tramp ~ Renald
Desire ~ Belinda
Vexed ~ Joy & Cheryllynne

My Winter Solstice short story Mother Maiden Crone is free on Smashwords.

Hexed is on sale for only .99 this month on Amazon.

Once again, thanks to all who posted and happy reading!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot Autumn Nights

Thanks for stopping by to share a hot autumn night with us. I say us because I am a medium with a very vocal spirit guide named Odessa. A lot of the Voices inside my head once walked among the living.

Odessa shares two of her hottest nights in her 50 Flavors of Freak collection with Under My Skin and The Lady is a Tramp. In her past life she was a witch with a gift of candle magick, a penchant for snakes, and the love of two irresistibly hot men.

If you've not checked out my Ring Dreams series it features wicked witches and hot pro wrestlers, written in an authentic pagan voice. To thank everyone for stopping today I have a free short story ~ Mother Maiden Crone ~ A Winter Solstice Celebration with the DeFliehr witches from my Ring Dreams series.

Courtney and Alex share plenty of hot nights in Vexed. If you like alpha diva heroines and hot boy toys with an extra does of smut then this might be a book you'd enjoy.

So, tell us, what's your idea of a hot autumn night? Champagne and spirits in a remote mountain cabin, sun and surf on a tropical beach, or maybe dancing until dawn in the Big Apple.

Comment below for a chance to win a $5 gift card spice up your Kindle or Nook, your choice. Tell me which of my books you'd like to check out for a chance to get free downloads.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Learning to Live

Need something to read in-between cooking, football, and other Thanksgiving activities?

Learning to Live by Marissa Dobson is free on Smashwords until Monday.

Just use this code at checkout ~ JA94Q.

Meg Harper is tired of living in a box created by her overprotective brothers because of her ability to see guardian angels… Jay Wilder a lion shifter so wrapped up in the guilt of not being able to save his friend that he might lose everything… Can Meg and Jay save each other or are they destined to live half a life?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cemetery Plot by Alex Granados

Vanessa Hawthorne is a zombie. . .at least that was the plan. Miserable with her life, she agreed to participate in a fatal ritual that would transform her into one of the Living Dead. Instead, she wakes up decades later alive, unaged and living in a world overrun with graveyards.

But when a real estate tycoon finds out about Vanessa, he will stop at nothing to discover how she cheated death. He hopes that this knowledge will give him the power to resurrect the dead. The money he stands to make is incalculable. And he is willing to do whatever it takes — kidnapping, assault and even murder — to get the job done. Luckily for Vanessa, she has Mark Nimocks and his friend Emily to protect her. . . but at what costs?

A zombie apocalypse is in the works, and it will take a medium from the future to find a way to undo the end of the world. But can he actually help change the past? Or is the world fated to be destroyed no matter what?


“Hi. My name is Nathan Mickels. I guess I could tell you about the end of the world, and being one of the last remaining humans on earth or some of that apocalyptic crap. But the truth is that the world hasn’t changed much since it ended. Sure, the dead are walking and people are dying. But there’s still money to be made.

“Take me for instance. I specialize in a particular trade. You see, these Living Dead, they’re not the brightest creatures. Any mother hoping that her little Annie was going to come back and sit at her knee had a rude awakening. Little Annie was much more likely to bite her and turn her into a zombie than give her a hug.

“Nevertheless, people find out that the dead are coming back to life, and they just got to see. That’s where I come in. It’s my job to hunt down the Living Dead. Specific ones. If your uncle Andrew died last year, you might hire me to find him and bring him to you. Of course, if you were smart, you already checked out the graveyard. You probably only come to me if you find a hole where your uncle should have been.

“So out I go, and I track down your uncle. But what good is he going to be to you as a grunting hulk of shit for brains? None, that’s what. I have a unique talent that I get paid for. I’m kind of like what people used to think mediums were like. You know, they figured they could talk to the dead and all that crap. Well, I can talk to the dead. It takes some doing and some concentration, but leave me alone with a walker for a good six hours, and I can start getting something intelligible out of them.

“Mind you, it’s not what you’d think of as intelligible, but it’s a language of sorts. Some kind of guttural, grunting and wheezing that resolves itself into meaning in my head. Well, you don’t believe me? Ask me anything? How old was Uncle Andrew when he lost his virginity? What did he really do to lose that sales job? Was he really just being friendly with his niece that time you caught them together in the bedroom? (Here’s a hint. No. You ought to kill that bastard all over again.)
“Anyway. That’s me. The Living Dead medium.”

Sunday, November 4, 2012

In The Spotlight: Bonnie Bliss

Halloween has arrived and Tom Newton is stressed with his job as a fireman. His best friend Rob, a submissives’ wet dream, is having a play party on Halloween night. Lucy, a nurse who has secretly been crushing on Tom, has decided to go to the party. Tom has decided that he needs to release some tension, and have some fun during his time off. What Lucy and Tom don’t know is that Rob, his best friend, and Millie, Tom’s sister, have set this up. Join them as they enjoy a hot night of bondage play. Can it all run smoothly? Will true love blossom? Will the Master get his slave? There is only one way to find out.

A story packed with sultry moments of Dominance and submission. Halloween Submission promises to be the hottest holiday this year.

Warning: This book is intended for readers over the age of 18. It contains, but is not limited to intense bondage play, references of Sadomasochism, impact play, anal play, and one hot night on All Hollow’s Eve, you aren’t soon to forget.  

After D.G. finds herself swept away to a sexual fueled land of horny munchkins, and sexy dildo shoe wearing good witches—all she wants to do is find her way home. After travelling for hours on the yellow brick road, she comes to a four way crossing and soon realizes her journey is just starting. After watching a heated display of slavery with ropes, floggers, whips and double penetration; she is introduced to a seemingly sweet scarecrow named Hayden. Her first sexual foray with the good witch was only the beginning, but now Hayden is about to teach D.G. how a real Master ties up and owns his slave.

Filled with all things you loved about the original story, twisted into a sexual pleasure that fans of the first will enjoy even more. The continuing story of D.G.’s adventures in Oz is sure to arouse and delight the naughtiest of readers.

Warning: This story is for adult readers, and contains scenes of, but not limited to: forced bondage, double penetration, strong BDSM themes, impact play: floggers, whips, and spankings.

About the Author:

Bonnie Bliss is not just a willing submissive, but she is a wife and a mother. By day, she is a busy, stay at home mother. At night, she is a sultry storyteller. Her tastes go towards the dark and the extreme. She loves to twist up fairy tales and sweet stories we all know and love. Her lust for Dominance and submission has taken her into the dark inner workings of Sadomasochism.

Bonnie is a native of Southern California, and says that everything in the Katy Perry song, California Girls is totally accurate. She has done everything from waitressing, customer service phone rep., Corporate Real Estate, and spent a pretty impressive part of her life working for the Disney Corporation—including as a Disney Princess. When she’s not writing, she is ordering too many custom bows for her daughter, baking the best cupcakes in the world, going to Disneyland, laying on a beach, and sometimes playing hockey for release.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Okay, so I've been a bad witch and almost forgot all about the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop. Being a witch, I do so love this time of the year. Samhain is a sacred time where the veil drops and I am able to connect with those who have passed. It's the night when the dead walk among us.

To thank everyone for stopping by I am giving away a .pdf copy of Dark Gothic Magazine where I am interviewed in the fall edition.

I am also offering a $10 Amazon gift card and offering my Ring Dreams Snippet ~ Wicked Desires ~ for free at Smashwords. It has two Samhain related witchy erotic short stories:

Wicked - Spend a Samhain with Odessa's rival, Dinera DeFliehr as she consorts with Rosette to cast a spell to produce a DeFliehr heir.

Stealing My Heart - A beautiful red haired witch goes to her lover's crypt in St. Louis cemetery to cast a spell to bring him back for one final night of passion. In Stealing My Heart Odessa is very much alive and determined to bring her beloved, William Fletcher back from the other side.

There is also an excerpt from Desire where Odessa seduces a broken hearted Billy Dalton.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthday Bash Winner

Thanks for hopping by my blog to celebrate Evernight's Birthday Bash. 

Shadow was the winner of the $5 Evernight gift certificate.

I'm celebrating the re-release of my novel Desire with a special sales price at All Romance Ebooks. Billy and Lizzie's story is only $1.99 until the end of the month.

Billy Dalton, an up and coming young pro wrestler falls for the daughter of the territory's top star. Lizzie might be fresh out of college and eager to start out on her own, but the legendary Paul Bryson isn't about to allow her to get involved with anyone connected to a business he both loves and hates.

Take a trip back in time to the early 1960's when pro wrestling was big business in the Carolinas. In this era wrestling was more sport then it's current day modern spectacle. The action was intense and physical in the ring. The boys, as the referred to each other, worked hard and partied even harder with alcohol and willing women in every town. It was an era where the money and the fame were great, but life on the road was hell on a marriage and forget about having a normal family life.

Billy dropped out of school at only sixteen and following in his grandpa and mother's footsteps got into the ring. The business killed them both and with nothing left to lose he's determined to make a better life for himself as a top star.

Lizzie grew up never wanting for anything other than her father's love and approval. Billy is everything she's always dreamed of, tough and handsome, and not afraid to stand up to her controlling and overbearing daddy.

Paul's double life is exposed when his wife dies unexpectedly and he's brazenly flaunts his long term mistress. Lizzie is forced to deal with his deception and decide if she can handle life as a wrestler's wife.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Evernight Birthday Bash

Welcome to the Evernight Publishing birthday blog hop!

Evernight Publishing opened its doors two years ago. In those two years we’ve signed over one hundred and sixty authors and published over three hundred books. From paranormal to contemporary, we’ve had more best sellers than we can count and made thousands of people smile, sigh and gasp. So, as a thank you to all our readers and everyone who has supported us, we’re holding this blog hop and we have a whole lot of prizes to offer you.

Here's how it works... the more blogs you hop to (shown below) the more chance you have of winning prizes. Each author on the hop is offering a prize and Evernight is offering the following grand prizes, a Kindle, a $100 Amazon gift certificate, two Evernight swag bags (which includes a tote, a tee, vouchers, a mug and other coolness) and a personalized Facebook banner. To be in with a chance of winning the author prize simply follow the blog you're visiting and leave a comment which includes your email address. Each entry on each blog is then counted towards the grand prize draw. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning a grand prize! You also get extra points for liking the Evernight Facebook page!/evernightpublishing. Just make sure you let us know in the comments that you've done so.

Good luck and happy hopping!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. To celebrate Evernight's Birthday I am giving away a $5 Evernight gift certificate for the book of your choice. 

With the Holiday season fast approaching if you've not yet read the Stockings & Suspenders 2011 Holiday Anthology I hope you'll check it out. The dog pictured above is the real Marvey from my erotic shortstory Snow Angel. Marvey is my favorite pet sitting client and a total diva girl. She was very excited to find out she got to be in my story. Especially after Snow Angel was accepted by Evernight.

I currently have two .99 erotic short stories available in my 50 Flavors of Freak series. These stories were channeled to me by my spirit guide Odessa. She was a ghost with penchant for snakes and had two different men who stole her heart.

Under My Skin
The Lady Is A Tramp