Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Help a Doggie Out

Harry dog wants me to sell some books so I can buy him more pizza. Please help out a starving 97lb Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix and check out his mom's book

A love spell turns lethal when Rowan falls for professional wrestler, Dylan Dalton. Once she’s immersed in his world of scripted violence, endless drama, and constant temptations of life on the road, Rowan learns the identity of her birth father. Chaos ensues when she finally meets the man responsible for raping her 15-year-old birth mother.

Guided by the ghost of her grandmother, Rowan sets out to avenge her birth mother’s untimely death. The young witch is willing to do anything to eliminate anyone who dares to try to come between her and Dylan. Their whirlwind affair reveals several scandalous secrets that threaten to destroy the already-dysfunctional Dalton family.

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ISBN: 9781466183254

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