Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday

I totally flipped out when I saw this incredible likeness of Odessa. It's a John Collier oil painting from 1892 entitled Lilith. The awesome news is that this photo is now considered public domain and can be used as a cover photo for Demon Child.

Odessa's granddaughter Rowan is today's guest to tell you a little more about Headlocks & Hexes...

Wouldn't you know "The Ghostess with the Mostest" would want her damn picture on my blog. Want to find Odessa? Just check in front of the nearest and largest mirror. There she will be, staring at herself. Granny's just a little vain. I should also probably mention that I look just like Odessa, only I'm a lot prettier. My hair is redder, my legs are longer, and I'm a little skinner and more muscular.

I've been seeing spirits for about as long as I can remember and Odessa has always been the starring act. My adoptive father is a shrink so I learned real quick not to talk about seeing spirits in the presence of non-believers.

But, anyways, Headlocks & Hexes is all about me and Dylan. In case you don't know Dylan Dalton is the absolute hottest guy in the entire universe either living or dead. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him on TV. He's a pro wrestler, not use any old wrestler, but the best one ever.

When I moved to Nashville to go to Vandy, on a full tennis scholarship I might add, I finally got to meet Dylan. He took one look at me and he was a goner. It may have had something to do with the love spell I cast on him. Well, at least until he got to know me. Grandmere Dinera, my living witchy grandma, took care of that and now Dylan loves me of his own freewill.

The rest of the story is about Dylan's big brother Bryson and how he loses his mind and leaves his super hot wife Courtney for this chubby chick he used to date back in college.

Then there's the part about me avenging my mother's death, but you're just gonna have to buy the book to read all about that. Let's just say I'm the type of girl who will do absolutely anything to get my way.

I'm outta here, gotta go wake up Dylan and hit the road for this weekend's shows...


PS... I forgot to do the infamous Billy Dalton shill. Our book is only .99 cents. An absolute steal. You can get it at Smashwords or Amazon and it will be available through Barnes & Noble soon.

Oh yeah, leave me a comment to get a coupon code for a free download.

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