Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding Bells

No, a date hasn't been set yet. There's not even a ring on her finger. Not that it stopped Rowan from having a squealing gotta have it fit when she saw the latest Vera Wang witchcraft wedding collection.

Seeing as how Rowan is at least five inches too tall to wear the DeFleihr witch dress worn by both Dinera and Lizzie, Dinera decided to break tradition and allow the chosen one to have a brand new dress.

Grandmere Dinera has already had her people get on the phone with Vera Wang's people to arrange a fitting for her favorite granddaughter and her diva flower girl.

Just picture Rowan in that gown with her long flowing red hair. She'll be wearing red high heels and the DeFleihr ruby pentacle pendant around her neck. She'll carry a bouquet of red roses and be accompanied by her mini-me flower girl in a kiddie version of the dress. Red haired Tabitha will be sporting ruby slippers and her mom's matching ruby pentacle pendant as she tosses red rose petals down the aisle.

Rowan's next goal is to find Bianca and Courtney black bridesmaid dresses that make them look like cows. Of course Courtney is going to insist on a plunging neckline and plenty of leg showing to play off her even more impressive red stiletto heels.

Let's hope Dylan doesn't freak out over the news. 

Here comes the bride to be!

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