Monday, October 31, 2011

Samhain Blessings

The veil has lifted! This is the day where spirits walk freely among us. A time to honor those who have passed and how they impacted your lives. Before heading back to Tennessee later today, Harry and I will be paying a visit with Granny Plutts. She and Grandpa Elbert are buried on top of a hill in a quaint county cemetery. 

Elbert and Plutina Radford were my Nanny Payne's grandparents, so that would make them my great great grandparents. This old photo hangs in my mom's living room and will someday be mine.

I love going to visit Granny Plutts at her final resting place high atop the mountains. The view is spectacular and it's so peaceful and serene atop that hill. The cemetery is very well maintained and fenced in where I can let Harry off his leash while I visit with my ancestors.

As of yet, I've never been able to channel Granny Plutts, but I would love to talk to her. Grandpa Elbert was a Madison Count Sheriff and my Daddy was able to remember him fondly. They both passed many years before I was born. I've had the most success in communicating with spirits from my father's side of the family. Daddy is always with me and Nanny and my Great Aunt Essie have both paid me visits from the other side, along with my Nanny's brother Uncle Weston who dropped by one night with a nice message.

Today is also the official release of the first book in my Ring Dreams series. You can get a copy of Headlocks and Hexes for only .99 cents at Smashwords or Amazon Kindle. The book will also later be available in print through Amazon and in about a week through Barnes & Noble for the Nook.

Have you had any close encounters with spirits? If so, leave a comment and the person with the coolest personal ghost story will get a free download of Headlocks & Hexes from Smashwords. The book is available there in formats that work for all ereaders or you can download the file as a .pdf and read it on your computer.

Have a blessed Samhain and I'll check back in later this evening and announce a winner tomorrow.

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