Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moon of the Wand-Maker

"Bubble Flower" by Josephine Wall www.josephinewall.co.uk
Symbolic Living has an excellent link that discusses the full moon in Aries.
The Full Moon in Aries represents the divine impulse that inspires creativity. 
Aries is the sign of the quest, the spark that ignites your personal mission in life.
Being a writer with a Venus in Aries this is a very powerful moon for me.
My words are my sacred artistry.
What inspires me.
What ignites that flame of passion.
Who I am as a person.
Without words I am nothing.
Words make me whole.

On this night take time to reflect and reveal in your own uniqueness.

Embrace your passions.
Commit to your goals.
Dare to dream.
Dream to live.


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  1. I'm embracing my passion, and thanking you for your help. I love that picture!