Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spirit Guides

This past Saturday I attended Carole Eve's - Connecting With Your Spirit Guide workshop at Cosmic Connections. Me and Odessa are already pretty close, so I didn't go into the workshop expecting to learn a whole lot. But after hearing her speak at an earlier event, Odessa decided she liked Carole Eve and insisted we go.

I'm glad we did attend because it was an amazing experience. During the meditation Odessa introduced me to my higher guide, Iam. In Spirit Guide terms the higher guide is basically the head honcho. Other spirit guides come and go as you need them in your life, but the higher guide is with you from your birth until your death. This is the guide that in Odessa's terms "bosses everyone else around", or in Odessa's case at least Iam tries to keep her reigned in.

Your guides can come to you in any form. Sometimes I see Odessa as clearly as if she were a real person and she can talk to me at anytime from anywhere. If there is a psychic in the room they usually pick up on her energy. That's how strong she comes through.

Iam chose to appear to me looking a lot like a dark haired version of Dylan in Headlocks and Hexes. One of those guys that really just too pretty to be a guy. We've not done a lot of talking yet, with Odessa it is sometimes hard to get a word in edgewise. He's more the strong silent type, but when he does speak his words bear enormous significance.

He's a very old soul that has not walked the earth in many many years. He's told me that he was a writer in his human form and he is the one who gives voice to all my male characters. He also told me that I've never settled down with one guy for any length of time because no one can compare to him. Funny how all my guides seem to have a bit of an ego.

Odessa and Iam share a bond from at least one previous life time that I am aware of. He was a spirit guide for "Roger" during the time in which he first met and fell for Odessa. This was also at the height of "Roger's" in ring career during the early 1960s. With Odessa being a witch and a Medium she was able to sense Iam presence and of course he knew all about her. That makes it kinda interesting that he chose her to come through as my dominant guide. Unless he was as taken with her as "Roger" certainly was.

I also learned that Odessa's "Adam" is one of my spirit guides. I found that intriguing in that so far other than showing me the details of his murder, he mainly just shows up to fuck me in my sleep. Not that I'm complaining! Although, his visits do tend to put Odessa in a bit of a snit. She doesn't seem to understand that "Adam" is just using my body as the only way he has to continuing to make love to her.

We also learned that Eddie is still hanging around because he's fascinated by "Adam". They would have made incredible business partners if they had connected when they were both living. I'd also be willing to wager he's got a bit of a crush on Odessa too. "Who doesn't?" She says in the background.

Carole Eve is going to be doing an advanced Channeling class at Cosmic Connections at the end of September that I hope to be able to attend. If you would like to know more about the concept of Spirit Guides I found this great link from Crystalinks.

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