Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seduced By A Demon

It's me, Odessa, here again to grace you with my presence.

I'm taking over the blog again because Jezebel is being a total bitch and ignoring me to write some silly short story about fake people. She calls it fiction. I say my story is much more interesting and entertaining than that smut she's working on at the moment. She's also talking to my beloved "Adam" and I do NOT appreciate her having the hots for my man. Bitch is just asking to wake up one morning with a bed full of snakes.

Anyway, now that I finally talked her into buying a Nook I can finally read without straining my eyes on that tiny little pink iPhone of hers. What's the deal with her and pink? She even ordered a pink cover for the damn Nook. But I digress...

As mentioned previously, I've decided to tell you all about one of my favorite reads, Carolyn Rosewood's Seduced by A Demon series by Evernight Publishing. I especially enjoyed book #2 Hunted because Jahi Wickes is the kind of character I can relate to, a strong chick with a cool job of forging documents to help those in the other realm. And did I mention she's a demon? I find that a very endearing character trait.

Then there's Dagon, a hunky bounty hunting fallen angel with the hots for Jahi. I'm not going to share all the juicy details of how they hook up because that would totally spoil the story for you. But, let's just say that when they do get around to doing the nasty I enjoyed it almost as much as they did.

I'll admit that I have a bit of a weak spot for Vassago because being a spirit guide I can only image how hard that guardian angel shit must have been for him. It's not easy when the human you're supposed to be helping has a mind of her own, and Jahi most definitely does. That whole guarding souls in Purgatory punishment thing seems a bit harsh, but it works to make the story exciting.

I really dig the whole Seduced by a Demon concept because Carolyn does an awesome job of world building. I felt like I was right there with Jahi, Dagon and Vassago. Having been to the other side myself, I'd say she nailed it and she makes the whole demon thing seem like so much fun. In my last human form I stole two men's hearts so I know I'd totally rock the demon gimmick.

Hum... I wonder if I could come back as a demon in my next reincarnation?

While I'm researching that quandary, I strongly suggest you go order both The Last Soul and Hunted


  1. Hi Odessa, thanks so much for this! I'm glad you're enjoying the series. Look for the third book, REDEMPTION, this fall! :)