Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm not the writer of my current WIP. This is Odessa's true story the way she wants it told. The hardest part about channeling a spirit to tell her story is that when she doesn't want to talk no words get put on the page.

Of course since this is a true story involving real people, one of which is unfortunately still living, and we are accusing someone of murder, we kinda have to change a couple of identities.You know the whole libel thing and the fact that the living person is a total nutcase living in his own little la-la land. But, he's a very rich weirdo thanks to his father.

We decided on the name "Roger" for the first man in her life because in and out of the ring he's like tennis' legendary Roger Federer -cool, composed, classy and always in control.

Her beloved was given the name of "Adam" because she's his Eve feeding him bites of the forbidden fruit.

So back to our story...

Odessa threw a little hissy fit on me yesterday over the first sex scene with Roger. Now that I've spoken with her beloved, she worries about what he thinks of her life before he came into the picture.

She and Roger get to the hotel room and she just falls silent.

I lit an abundance candle last night in hopes of amassing a lot of words before the full moon on Friday.

This morning Odessa and I had a little chat where she admitted her issue. I tried to explain to her that she has sizzling hot sex scenes with Billy in Desire. She quickly pointed out to me that those scenes were fiction and they were written from Billy's point of view.

I told her that Adam, our pet name for her beloved, knew she wasn't a virgin when they first hooked up. He was also well aware of her affair with Roger.

So she was like, okay, if you want a sex scene here we go... damn was it hot!

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