Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

I'd like to wish Odessa and her "Will" a happy anniversary on their Mid Summer Handfasting.

"Will" thought the whole thing was a little weird, but so many odd years ago Odessa talked him into doing the whole Pagan marriage ritual. It wasn't like he could take her down to the courthouse or have a more traditional wedding considering that he already had a legal wife who wasn't about to release her hold over him.

And of course "Will" did enjoy the partaking of the Meed and watching his new Pagan bride dance naked around a bonfire.

In ancient times it was believed that evil spirits liked to run amok on this day. The mood stabilizer St. Johns Wort was created to ward off those spirits. Maybe Odessa and "Will" should have enjoyed a dose of that herb on their special occasion.

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