Monday, June 20, 2011


My Spirit Guide From The Other Side clawed her way into my head Sunday and didn't want to let go until about four minutes before my alarm rang this morning. Odessa is obsessed with telling her story the way she wants it told. Even if it means implicating someone with committing murder or making a person who's very much alive look like the scum of the earth. I've tried to explain this whole legal libel thing to her, even if a story is written under the guise of fiction, but she doesn't get it.

I wholeheartedly believe her story. I know her lover's death was a murder and not a suicide. I know she's telling me the truth. But, how the hell do I go about telling the story without getting sued?

She has shown me what really happened in some very detailed and graphic dreams. Or should I call them nightmares? Because the way she chooses to reveal the story makes it a total nightmare.

Last night she took it one step further by bringing Nancy along for the ride. Nancy believes her. I already believed her, she didn't have to go and bring Nancy into the story. Especially considering how close it is to the anniversary of Nancy's murder.

Odessa loved this man with every bit of her heart. He's the only man she ever deeply and completely loved. It still hurts her to know that she played the motivating role in the things that happened to lead up to his death. He might still be alive today if she hadn't gone and given the ultimatum.

I also do not doubt that he loved her, at that point in his life she was the ONLY person he trusted and confided in. Her ultimatum could have very well pushed him over the edge. But it didn't. We know the truth, it was his wife who fell into the abyss, not him.

He was a known alcoholic and also suffered from post concussion syndrome. To put it politely, even in life she was not the most stable of individuals. I think she may have been bi-polar and unmedicated, not that I'm a doctor or anything, I just know Odessa better than anyone other than him.

There's was a match made in heaven, or maybe more accurately hell...

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