Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Last Soul

If you think the cover is hot just wait until you read Carolyn Rosewood's debut novella The Last Soul.

This was my last sneak read on the iPhone while pretending to be busy at work. Let's just say if you knew where I work, I'm in IT at a Christian Publishinghouse, you would find that extra amusing. I read the whole story on a slow Friday afternoon. 

The best word to describe this story is HOT. You've got a sexy demon assigned to seduce what might be one of the few last really decent guys left on the face of the earth. Just another day at the job for Faina, until she winds up falling for Jace. You've got to go buy this story to find out what happens because I'm not about to give away the kick-ass ending. Trust me, your Kindle will thank you.

The characters are so well developed you'll find yourself rooting for them.The plot is so tight and fast paced that you won't be able to stop reading. And did I mention there's lots and lots of hot steamy sex???

Carolyn's next book, Haunted Heart, is scheduled to be released by Etopia Press this summer, so be on the lookout for another great read for a talented new author.

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