Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goddesses for Every Day

Unchecked, my feelings can run high and wild
like a river in spring, flooding it's banks
and spilling into my life in harmony or discord.

I ordered this wonderful book with a few others from One Spirit. The book arrived last Thursday and the beautiful cover instantly caught my attention. I took the book to work with me Friday morning and was instantly captivated by the entry for February 25th.

The daily contemplation touched me on a personal level due to my struggles with depression and post traumatic stress syndrome. The was the reminder I needed that there is nothing wrong with taking my daily doses of Cymbalta to balance out my moods. I've struggled with the concept of taking medications in the past because being a Wiccan I try to eat right and treat my body as a temple. I don't like ingesting chemicals or preprocessed food, mainly because my colon doesn't like it either due to my ongoing battle with IBS. But, I have come to realize that I need the Cymbalta to keep my brain in check. I also have to take Librax, 2 tablets four times a day, to keep my IBS under control.

When my colon is nice and calm thanks to the Librax and my brain is functioning properly thanks to the Cymbalta, not only do I feel better, but I also write better. We're talking over 10,000 words on my current WIP in less than a week. 

When I wasn't medicated I spent many of my days off eating pizza and drinking Smirnoff Ice and sometimes adding some sleeping pills to knock myself out for the day. I didn't get any writing done. The only thing that got me out of bed would be Harry, my dog, barking to wake me up to take him for walks.

One of the first things I did for myself after getting out of a horrible abusive relationship was to purchase a crescent moon Goddess symbol pendant. I wear it every day on a silver chain to remind myself of my own inner Goddess and everything that I have survived. I often find myself rubbing the pentacle symbol on the back of beautiful amber stone as a way of battling stress. To a Wiccan, a pentacle is a symbol of protection with no Satanic connotations to what some others call a pentagram.

Friday's Goddess also had special meaning to me. Oba is the twin sister of Oshun. These two Goddesses are represented by two different rivers that meet at a spot known for turbulent and dangerous currents. It is said that is represents the sister's volatile relationship. In my debut novel, Headlocks & Hexes, Oshun is the Goddess Rowan calls forth on the final night of completing her love spell. I thought that was a cool connection to my book.

I was originally drawn to the book because I always find empowerment in learning about Goddesses. Then I really started enjoying the daily contemplations. There is a page for each date of the year with information about a specific Goddess and a related daily confirmation. The great thing about this book is that the dates aren't year specific so you can start reading at a specific date at any time of the year and just continue until you finish all the days instead of having to purchase a new book next year.This book would make a great gift for yourself or one of your special female friends seeking to connect with her own inner Goddess.

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