Thursday, December 29, 2011


The above image of Cory Everson is how up until the past few years I've always judged my body in comparison. I used to swear I'd kill myself if I ever weighted over 130 lbs. Well, I guess it's time for me to pull out my gun and start shooting. 

I've always had body image issues, so it's hard to let myself believe I've let myself get into the shape of lack of that I am in now. Much like Courtney in my Ring Dreams series, I used to hold myself to an extreme level of what I thought to be fit. I made fun of fat people and belittled people's unhealthy food choices when out shopping. I hated their lack of willpower and laziness. 

How did I become on of the people? Life, I guess. First there was an abusive relationship that shattered my self esteem. I wasn't going to wrestling to see the boys anymore so I had no reason to worry about fitting into the sexy little form fitting outfits I used to wear. Stan wasn't around to ride me about my body fat percentage. My first love wasn't there to remind me he didn't do fat chicks. I didn't have any of the boys telling me how hot I looked to keep me busting my ass in the gym. It got to where I didn't want to be looked at. I didn't want to be sexually objectified. 

When the pounds started piling on, I didn't have anyone to call me out on it. The guy I was seeing outside the relationship with my psycho ex didn't care if I put on a few pounds. He admitted he thought I had looked intimidating with "all those muscles". I try to fool myself into I'm okay with the way my body is now. It's not working. I'm not depressed anymore. I'm on thyroid medication that I take every morning. I still follow a supplement routine to keep myself dosed up with Vitamin D3, all the Bs, Calcium, and a raw multi-vitamin every day. 

My excuses? I can't go to the gym when I get off work because I have to go home to walk my dog. I can't go to the gym before work because I already get up at six am to walk Harry and get myself to work an hour early to avoid rush hour traffic and sneak in some extra writing time. I write on my lunch break, I write on my bathroom breaks. I keep my MacBook sitting on my work desk ready to sneak in as many words as possible. 

I've gotten slack about feeding myself a healthy breakfast. I don't eat at lunch because I am writing. Then I get home and after I walk Harry I plop down on the couch and eat away all my frustrations. I'm an emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy. When I'm sad. When I'm mad. When I'm bored. When I'm hurting. I eat for every occasion. When I was really really fit instead of eating I fucked wrestlers to meet that emotional need. Now I just eat and eat and eat.

It's not like I don't know what I need to do. I am a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor. I've worked in the fitness industry. I've competed in the fitness industry. I've lived for weeks on egg whites, tuna and protein shakes and gotten on stage in a bikini to prove I was fit. I know my way around a fucking gym!

My problem is I just can't seem to find time to get my ever expanding ass into the gym and put in the time on the weights and with the cardio. Fitness is 75% eating habits. I freaking know that. I know what I should and shouldn't be eating. When I competed I never weighed an ounce over 120 lbs. I'm 5'7" so by today's competition standards I would have been considered under weight. Even then, I would have done better in competitions with five extra lbs of muscle. 

My goal for 2012 is to take some me time and drop at least 30 lbs. I'll never again look like a fitness model. I can accept that. How can I do this? I don't really know.

Most of all I need someone to hold me accountable.

I have to get back into the frame of mind that I look at food as fuel.

I have to find other outlets for emotional release. 

Maybe I can train myself to write instead of to eat. 

I have to find some way to handle my harmful addictions and harness them into something positive.

Fitness is a journey, never a destination.

I didn't put on these 30 of so pounds overnight and I know it's going to be hard to make them go away.

There you have it. I'm putting this out there for the whole world to see. 

I'm holding myself accountable for my own health and well being.

I can do this...

I believe in me!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ring Dreams Series is now in Print!

My Ring Dreams series is now available in print editions.

You can purchase autographed copies of both Headlocks & Hexes and Desire together for $25 with free shipping.

Autographed copies of both books are available individually for $15 with free shipping.

Ring Dreams

I will email you before the order is processed to confirm the inscription and shipping address. Please allow two weeks for delivery.


Jezebel Jorge

Saturday, December 3, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop Update

Stockings & Suspenders is going to be released by Evernight Publishing on December 9th with the full reveal of our hot cover.

The more sites you visit and comment on, the greater your chances of winning some cool prizes from Evernight and various authors who are adding their own special gifts.

Thanks for all the comments on the previous blog. It's really nice to know that people are looking forward to reading my story. I will be announcing my winners and proudly displaying the Stockings & Suspenders cover here on the official release day.

Here are all the links for all the author websites:

London St. John - The Proposal
CR Moss - Chasing Miss Kringle
Jezebel Jorge - Snow Angel
Lila Shaw - Naughty Nice
Seleste Delaney - Making The Naughty List
Carolyn Rosewood - A Very Naughty Christmas
Xondra Day - Promises
Kelly Yeakle - Santa's Little Helper
Alaska Angelini - Mistletoe Masquerade
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy - Letter to Santa

I also need to give a shout out to our awesome editor - Emma Shortt
She was a pleasure to work with and I know her input greatly improved my story.

In the week leading up to our big release I'd like to offer everyone a couple of my short stories as free reads from Smashwords. 

For Wanton use coupon code ME45W. 

For Wicked use coupon code YX82E.

I've also got the .99 cent specials coupon codes for
 Headlocks & Hexes and Desire listed on the previous blog.

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Stockings & Suspenders

Welcome to day three of Evernight Publishing's Blog Hop for the upcoming release of our Stockings & Suspenders Holiday Anthology. You can check out the Evernight Blog for all the juicy details of of our Twelve Days of Christmas.

As the temperature drops, we've all found naughty and delicious ways to warm up for the holidays.

A boss with a proposal to make her sweat, a promise from an Italian assistant, a cabin in the middle of nowhere with two men to cater to her every desire, a special surprise for a lonely soldier...

All of these encounters and more from ten talented authors. Get ready for some holiday loving... Evernight style!

I'm honored to have my story Snow Angel included in this hot, hot, hot anthology. Best selling author, Minerva Madison, might have a big time book deal, but she's lost her muse. At least until a hunky construction worker comes to her rescue. Brian saves her from spending Christmas Eve stuck on the side of the road in an unexpected snow storm. Their night of uninhibited passion is exactly what she needs to get all her creative juices flowing.

Here's a tiny tease from Snow Angel:

     Minerva in the Jacuzzi. Naked in the Jacuzzi?
     Brian almost spilt the mugs of hot chocolate when he found her there.
     She took her mug from him with a devious smile. “Come on in, the water is just right.”
     Yeah, she was naked alright and there weren't nearly enough bubbles to hide the swell of her breasts. Not that he minded the view. He just hadn't expected her to take such a bold first move.
     He watched her lapping at the whipping cream, his dick getting tighter in his jeans at every slip of her tongue. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined spending Christmas Eve with a hot blond in his Jacuzzi. Too bad he hadn't added condoms to that last minute shopping list.

     “Well, are you going to join me or not. I promise I won't bite. Well, unless you want me to.”

To thank everyone for stopping by today I'm going to give away ebook copies of the first two books in my Ring Dreams series, Headlocks & Hexes and Desire. All you have to do to qualify is leave a comment with your email and follow me on Twitter @witchlitchick or friend me on Facebook.

I'm also offering coupon codes good thru our December 9th release day to get my two books for only .99 cents each from Smashwords. You can pick your format to work with any type of ebook reader.

Headlocks & Hexes - coupon code - EM67W

Desire - coupon code - VW74W

The more blogs you comment on the greater your chances of winning some awesome prizes from Evernight including free downloads of Stockings & Suspenders and gift cards.

To celebrate Day Four please stop by Lila Shaw's blog tomorrow to see a little more of our cover and learn some juicy tidbits about her story.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Desire is now available for your reading pleasure...

It was love at first sight for Billy and Lizzie. Their only problem is Lizzie’s father, a pro wrestling legend and a feared bad ass fighter both inside and outside of the ring. Paul Bryson is not about to let his baby girl hook up with the kid he’s grooming to take his spot as the territories top star. Especially since Billy was already on his way to stealing Paul’s place as the Carolina’s leading ladies man.

Buy Desire at the following ebook locations:


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


When most people hear the word hooker they think of some lady standing on a street corner selling her body for sex. In the world of professional wrestling, the world of my characters in my Ring Dreams series, that word takes on a completely different and respected meaning.

The man in the photo above is Lou Thesz, perhaps one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. If you want to understand more about the inner workings of the history of professional wrestling his book Hooker is a must read. Most people consider Mr. Thesz the last legitimate hooker to ever set foot inside the squared circle.

In wrestling terminology a hooker is a wrestler who is an expert in the art of submission holds. The world comes from the carnival days when wrestlers would travel from town to town taking on all comers in legit fights.  A hooker was someone who could take down their opponent with a match or often career ending hold from any situation inside the ring. In Mr. Thesz' book he says that hooking is pretty much a lost art. There aren't many legit hookers that are still living to pass along their knowledge of submission holds.

In the fictional world of my Ring Dreams series, two of the characters you will meet in Desire were old school hookers. William Fletcher, the grandfather of Courtney Dalton, and Paul Bryson, the grandfather of Dylan and Bryson Dalton. 

Bryson Dalton was trained by his grandfather from a very early age. He also spent time training in a Japanese Dojo where he learned to work the stiffer style Japanese matches. Like his grandfather and William Fletcher, Bryson was an accomplished amateur wrestler and NCAA College champion. That, along with his martial arts training, would make him a legit bad ass and most definitely what is considered in today's terminology a shooter.

A shooter is someone who can handle themselves in a legit fight. 

If not for Bryson's age, he's in his mid thirties now, he would be a serious contender in MMA or Ultimate Fighting. He's also had a number of concussions, a shattered ankle, and faces another serious injury in Headlocks & Hexes. 

Bryson's ex-wife Courtney could also be considered a shooter in that she's a black belt and well versed in Muay Thai. She put in some time training in Japan before giving up wrestling to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Before valeting for her husband she also wrestled until the promotion had a hard time finding any women willing to get in the ring with her. I don't think there is a woman alive who could handle Courtney in a legit fight. Actually she could probably hold her own in the ring with most men.

I think old school wrestling fans will especially enjoy Desire. It's set in the Carolina's in the mid-70's and is the story of how Billy met and fell in love with his future wife Lizzie Bryson. That's right she's Paul Bryson's only daughter and he's not at all happy about his baby girl dating one of the boys. 

So there you have two new words to add to your wrestling vocabulary and a little insight into a few of my characters.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Help a Doggie Out

Harry dog wants me to sell some books so I can buy him more pizza. Please help out a starving 97lb Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix and check out his mom's book

A love spell turns lethal when Rowan falls for professional wrestler, Dylan Dalton. Once she’s immersed in his world of scripted violence, endless drama, and constant temptations of life on the road, Rowan learns the identity of her birth father. Chaos ensues when she finally meets the man responsible for raping her 15-year-old birth mother.

Guided by the ghost of her grandmother, Rowan sets out to avenge her birth mother’s untimely death. The young witch is willing to do anything to eliminate anyone who dares to try to come between her and Dylan. Their whirlwind affair reveals several scandalous secrets that threaten to destroy the already-dysfunctional Dalton family.

Purchase from Smashwords

Purchase from Amazon

Purchase from Barnes and Noble

ISBN: 9781466183254

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday

I totally flipped out when I saw this incredible likeness of Odessa. It's a John Collier oil painting from 1892 entitled Lilith. The awesome news is that this photo is now considered public domain and can be used as a cover photo for Demon Child.

Odessa's granddaughter Rowan is today's guest to tell you a little more about Headlocks & Hexes...

Wouldn't you know "The Ghostess with the Mostest" would want her damn picture on my blog. Want to find Odessa? Just check in front of the nearest and largest mirror. There she will be, staring at herself. Granny's just a little vain. I should also probably mention that I look just like Odessa, only I'm a lot prettier. My hair is redder, my legs are longer, and I'm a little skinner and more muscular.

I've been seeing spirits for about as long as I can remember and Odessa has always been the starring act. My adoptive father is a shrink so I learned real quick not to talk about seeing spirits in the presence of non-believers.

But, anyways, Headlocks & Hexes is all about me and Dylan. In case you don't know Dylan Dalton is the absolute hottest guy in the entire universe either living or dead. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him on TV. He's a pro wrestler, not use any old wrestler, but the best one ever.

When I moved to Nashville to go to Vandy, on a full tennis scholarship I might add, I finally got to meet Dylan. He took one look at me and he was a goner. It may have had something to do with the love spell I cast on him. Well, at least until he got to know me. Grandmere Dinera, my living witchy grandma, took care of that and now Dylan loves me of his own freewill.

The rest of the story is about Dylan's big brother Bryson and how he loses his mind and leaves his super hot wife Courtney for this chubby chick he used to date back in college.

Then there's the part about me avenging my mother's death, but you're just gonna have to buy the book to read all about that. Let's just say I'm the type of girl who will do absolutely anything to get my way.

I'm outta here, gotta go wake up Dylan and hit the road for this weekend's shows...


PS... I forgot to do the infamous Billy Dalton shill. Our book is only .99 cents. An absolute steal. You can get it at Smashwords or Amazon and it will be available through Barnes & Noble soon.

Oh yeah, leave me a comment to get a coupon code for a free download.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A New Day Has Dawned

I hope every one had a blessed Samhain. This is the day of new beginnings. For writers November is NaNoWriMo where you write a book in a month. My goal for this month is a first draft on Deception. I've never did NaNoWriMo before because I much prefer to follow my own rules, but this year I decided to give it a shot. I know these characters better than I know most people and it's the 4th book in my Ring Dreams series. Knocking out a rough first draft shouldn't bee too big of a deal, especially with my favorite character, Billy Dalton and his lovely wife Lizzie are the stars of the show.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce Billy Dalton:

Howdy folks! I'm Billy Dalton. I've been in the wrestling business since I was 16 years old. Actually I was born into it. My mama was a lady wrestler and I was 3 years old and in the backseat of her car when she was killed in a wreck coming back from a show. My grandpa, I called him Pap, was also a wrestler and since I was a big kid I just kinda started taking over his bookings when he died in the ring from a heart attack.

I ain't goona tell you how long I've actually been in the wrestling business, but with two grown sons I think it's safe to say I ain't got many more bumps left in me. My sons Dylan and Bryson are the stars of Headlocks & Hexes and any show they work.

Bryson takes after his grandpa and my father-in-law Paul Bryson, a former world champion from back in the day when being the world champion meant something. You can read all about old Paul and how I first hooked up with my beautiful Lizzie in Desire. Just like his grandpa, Bryson is a shooter and a ring general. That boy is a total bad ass and as tough as they come. He's also ornery as can be. Lizzie used to say it's because he's a Virgo. 

Me and Bryson haven't always seen eye to eye. He never did approve of my on the road dalliances and then there was the whole deal with Courtney. Law, I could write a whole book on that girl. She's sex in a pair of stilettos and just about as tough as Bryson, maybe more so. She's a black belt, owns two gyms, a former professional fitness competitor, Playboy Centerfold, and a diva extraordinaire. 

Dylan is the star of the main plot in Headlocks & Hexes. He turns our world upside down when he goes and falls for Rowan. That girl bears an uncanny resemblance to someone I used to know. Long red hair, even longer legs, a total knock out. She's also a witch and that girl I used to know, well she's a ghost now and she's haunting me and Rowan both.

Well, I'm being told I've gotta wrap this up, so I reckon you're just gonna have to buy the book to read more about my family. It's a good deal for only .99 cents and I promise you'll get a kick out of it.

Leave me comment and I'll pick a winner to get a free download...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Samhain Blessings

The veil has lifted! This is the day where spirits walk freely among us. A time to honor those who have passed and how they impacted your lives. Before heading back to Tennessee later today, Harry and I will be paying a visit with Granny Plutts. She and Grandpa Elbert are buried on top of a hill in a quaint county cemetery. 

Elbert and Plutina Radford were my Nanny Payne's grandparents, so that would make them my great great grandparents. This old photo hangs in my mom's living room and will someday be mine.

I love going to visit Granny Plutts at her final resting place high atop the mountains. The view is spectacular and it's so peaceful and serene atop that hill. The cemetery is very well maintained and fenced in where I can let Harry off his leash while I visit with my ancestors.

As of yet, I've never been able to channel Granny Plutts, but I would love to talk to her. Grandpa Elbert was a Madison Count Sheriff and my Daddy was able to remember him fondly. They both passed many years before I was born. I've had the most success in communicating with spirits from my father's side of the family. Daddy is always with me and Nanny and my Great Aunt Essie have both paid me visits from the other side, along with my Nanny's brother Uncle Weston who dropped by one night with a nice message.

Today is also the official release of the first book in my Ring Dreams series. You can get a copy of Headlocks and Hexes for only .99 cents at Smashwords or Amazon Kindle. The book will also later be available in print through Amazon and in about a week through Barnes & Noble for the Nook.

Have you had any close encounters with spirits? If so, leave a comment and the person with the coolest personal ghost story will get a free download of Headlocks & Hexes from Smashwords. The book is available there in formats that work for all ereaders or you can download the file as a .pdf and read it on your computer.

Have a blessed Samhain and I'll check back in later this evening and announce a winner tomorrow.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Headlocks & Hexes

Headlocks & Hexes is going to be released on October 31st and I will be throwing a week long party to celebrate. I'll be giving away free ebooks every day next week, both here and on

All you have to do is add a comment in order to possibly be a winner. A grand prize winner will get a magickal penis candle just like Rowan uses to cast her love spell on Dylan.

Odessa will be blogging on to introduce the characters and I'll be handling things from here with character interviews, interesting tidbits about the book, and anything else that might cross my wicked little mind.

If you have a review site or would like either myself or Odessa to be a guest on your blog please let us know. Who wouldn't want to talk to a real live ghost? And you know Odessa has a mouth on her. I'm also always open to having guest bloggers here.

In the mean time, if you've not done it yet, please visit Smashwords and check out a couple of free Ring Dreams Snippets.

Monday, October 24, 2011

An Affinity For Shadows

Today's guest is another Gypsy Shadow author, Liz R. Newman. She's dropping by to discuss her latest release, An Affinity for Shadows

What about 9/11 inspired you to base a novel upon this era?

I began the novel An Affinity For Shadows, while I worked on my Master's Thesis in Clinical Psychology.  For this novel, I incorporated the knowledge from the internship I took on in the world of broadcast journalism while studying for my undergraduate degree, the deeper understanding of human empathy which I felt bonded us after 9/11, and my passion to become a romance novelist.  The brainchild of all of those interests is the book itself.

Writing had always been an ambition for me, but my first generation American parents discouraged any professions they deemed impractical.  They didn't understand that in America you are free to do anything you have a passion for, and if you do it well, you can make a living at it. 

A few friends have asked me how I come up with the stories I write.  This is right before they tell me I should write a book about them, which I find a bit humorous.  I think we all think our lives make interesting stories, but there are first and foremost most interesting to ourselves.  We seek out fiction to find characters who are extraordinary and larger than life.  In my experience as a writer, I never choose the stories.  The stories choose me. I came up with my idea for my next novel, The Last Day King, by strolling around Pier 39 having an ice cream cone with my family, and looking up and imagining the wizard Merlin standing on the skid gear of a helicopter as as he hung on to the side while flying through the blue sky.  The story simply grew from there, as preposterous as that sounds, it turned out to be a great story.

Life comes in cycles, and so do stories.
How do you feel the world will benefit from this particular piece of art?

The story is a mainstream literary romance, which in layman's terms means it is about more than just the romantic tension between Kate Theodore, the broadcast journalist whose life changes by being at the scene of 9/11, and whose solid gold ambition crumbles into dust when a beloved cameraman dies near the scene; and her Italian lover Sal Olivieri, who also happens to be near the scene of the 9/11 attacks, and merely blocks away. They do not know each other well at this point, and they both process the 9/11 attacks in different ways.  The story is predominantly about Kate, and how she stumbles through life, trying to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while fighting to care for her sanity and fulfill obligations of friendship.  Her Italian love affair is another delicious layer of the cake, and the reader is left to savor this layer at the end of the story, which concludes with a not so typical happily ever after ending.

How do you think people will react to a book about 9/11?

As the tenth anniversary of the attacks passes, I believe people will approach some art and literature that includes the theme of the attacks with an open heart.  It really depends on what the art or literature is truly about.  I had one publisher pass the manuscript onto an editor who rejected the manuscript outright without reading a single page.  When I asked her for feedback, she brought up the movie "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson, saying it performed poorly at the box office.  I read multiple reviews on the movie, and what seemed to bother the public the most was not so much the story but the "throw in" of 9/11 at the end, which was meant to elicit tears from the audience. 

An Affinity For Shadows is not about using the tragedy to incorporate what is often termed as "cheap parlor tricks" to get a rise out of people.  My hope for the novel is that readers will come away with the resolution that in order to find love, you must reach out for it, in order to have a true friend, you must be a true friend, and in order to truly experience joy, you must have had a taste of pain.  I think I speak for millions when I declare these statements to be true.

What do you hope to accomplish with this book?

My novel is about overcoming tragedy and embracing love.  It's about viewing the world outside of yourself, and understanding that often times, personal loss is necessary for a person to change their life, and to help change the lives of others. But it's so much more than tragedy.  It's about friendship, family, love and laughter, and all of their amazing and bittersweet counterparts.
Art for me is healing.  From abstract paintings by Salvador Dali or Dante, to novels such as The Road or The Book Thief, to movies such as West Side Story or Hotel Rwanda, art has brought me to a higher state of consciousness more readily than any textbook ever has.  The artist reaches out through their work, and I long to strike that rare and universal chord of connection between artist and beholder, through the best medium I  know how.  The written word.

Liz R. Newman holds a Certificate in Fiction Writing from the Gotham Writer's Workshop, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and a B.A. in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. She worked as an intern and staff writer at KTVU Broadcasting Station in Oakland, California.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding Bells

No, a date hasn't been set yet. There's not even a ring on her finger. Not that it stopped Rowan from having a squealing gotta have it fit when she saw the latest Vera Wang witchcraft wedding collection.

Seeing as how Rowan is at least five inches too tall to wear the DeFleihr witch dress worn by both Dinera and Lizzie, Dinera decided to break tradition and allow the chosen one to have a brand new dress.

Grandmere Dinera has already had her people get on the phone with Vera Wang's people to arrange a fitting for her favorite granddaughter and her diva flower girl.

Just picture Rowan in that gown with her long flowing red hair. She'll be wearing red high heels and the DeFleihr ruby pentacle pendant around her neck. She'll carry a bouquet of red roses and be accompanied by her mini-me flower girl in a kiddie version of the dress. Red haired Tabitha will be sporting ruby slippers and her mom's matching ruby pentacle pendant as she tosses red rose petals down the aisle.

Rowan's next goal is to find Bianca and Courtney black bridesmaid dresses that make them look like cows. Of course Courtney is going to insist on a plunging neckline and plenty of leg showing to play off her even more impressive red stiletto heels.

Let's hope Dylan doesn't freak out over the news. 

Here comes the bride to be!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Identity by Sheila Deeth

I'm pleased to have one of my fellow Gypsy Shadow authors - Sheila Deeth - visit my blog today...

Who am I?

It’s not an unreasonable question for someone else to ask me, but why don’t I have an answer, and why do I keep asking the question of myself. Who am I?

We’re sitting in a restaurant and a fellow diner wants to know about my husband’s job. But who am I?

We’re meeting at church and someone asks “What do you do?” But who am I?

Or back in the day when I used to take children to school (they’re all grown up), who was I then?

Actually, kids all grown up is part of the problem isn’t it? I was their Mom but now they don’t need a Mom to look after them. So who am I?

Once I was a child trying to decide who to be as I started to grow. Something happened—something that shouldn’t have happened, yet happens far too often—and left me thinking I existed for other people, not for myself. I wonder if I’ve been looking for my identity ever since. Forty years ago—child. Twenty years ago—Mom. And now?

I wrote a novel about a woman searching for identity and she wasn’t me. I know she wasn’t because the voice in my head said so. Perhaps she was my muse. So now I’m writing more and more, and my third ebook’s just come out. My world’s full of characters, all of them asking “Who am I?” as I pour their thoughts and dreams onto the page.

Who am I? Perhaps I’m their muse, and perhaps they’re mine. I’m a writer, and I’m writing for me, though I’m hoping you might like the tale.

Maybe I’ll even get that novel published one day.

Thank you so much Jezebel for inviting me to your blog.

About Flower Child: When Megan miscarries her first pregnancy it feels like the end of everything; instead it’s the start of a curious relationship between the grieving mother and an unborn child who hovers somewhere between ghost and angel. Angela, Megan’s “little angel,” has character and dreams all her own, friends who may or may not be real angels, and a little brother who brings hope to her mother’s world. But Angela’s dream-world has a secret and one day Angela might learn how to be real.

About the author: Sheila Deeth grew up in the UK and has a Bachelors and Masters in mathematics from Cambridge University, England. Now living in the States with her husband and son, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, telling stories, running a local writers' group, and meeting her neighbors’ dogs on the green.

Moon of the Wand-Maker

"Bubble Flower" by Josephine Wall
Symbolic Living has an excellent link that discusses the full moon in Aries.
The Full Moon in Aries represents the divine impulse that inspires creativity. 
Aries is the sign of the quest, the spark that ignites your personal mission in life.
Being a writer with a Venus in Aries this is a very powerful moon for me.
My words are my sacred artistry.
What inspires me.
What ignites that flame of passion.
Who I am as a person.
Without words I am nothing.
Words make me whole.

On this night take time to reflect and reveal in your own uniqueness.

Embrace your passions.
Commit to your goals.
Dare to dream.
Dream to live.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Thanks So Much!

I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who commented on the Evernight Birthday Bash Blog

Cherie Marks was the winner. I hope she enjoys a good read from Evernight.

I am really looking forward to my erotic short story Snow Angel being in Evernight's 2011 Stockings and Suspenders Holiday Anthology and hope all of you will check it out. It should be an awesome read with such an amazing group of writings included in the anthology.

My debut novel - Headlocks and Hexes - will be released sometime this month by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. We're working on the edits now. This is the first book in my Ring Dreams series with wicked witches and hot pro wrestlers.

It would mean a lot to me if you would consider giving it a read. I'll also be doing a giveaway on release day so please keep checking back for more details.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Evernight's Big Birthday Bash

To celebrate their first anniversary Evernight is partying all week.

Evernight Publishing will choose one commenter from EACH participating blog to win a $5.00 Gift Certificate. In addition, Evernight will choose three separate commenters from ANY of the blogs to win one of three grand prizes:

A new Kindle e-reader
$50.00 U.S. (gifted via PayPal)
$40.00 Evernight Gift Certificate.

**To be entered in the grand prize drawings you must FOLLOW and COMMENT on the Evernight Publishing blog**

To enter just comment with your email. The more blogs you comment on the greater your chances of winning!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mother's Little Helper

Just when the Cymbalta was finally long gone from my system and I thought I was getting by okay... BAM... I have a meltdown. And so begins another battle in my on and off again antidepressants aghast.

I take the happy pills and the little things don't bother me. People don't irritate me nearly as bad. I put more words on the page. But I don't feel. I'm numb. I can't have an orgasm. I can't relate to my characters. It severely deters my channeling abilities.

I don't take the antidepressants and I get sluggish and tired. I have crying fits and crazy thoughts. I might not have as high of word counts, but the words I'm writing are better. My characters talk to me. My spirit guides scream at me. I'm able to channel and communicate with those who have passed.

There are times when Odessa's beloved whispers in my ear that I need to take the meds. That Odessa needed her meds. Look at what happened to her when she didn't take them.

Odessa screams back a big fat fuck you!

When we are in sync, Odessa wraps me in the orange protective light. She sits at my office door playing with her snakes. She doesn't let anyone "fuck with her human". That is, when I remember to take a deep breath. Calm down and let her do her shit.

She assures me she's not going anywhere. We've still got her stories to tell. Goddess knows, I still need her watching my back, front and every other angle. She's trying to make things right from her previous existence. I understand this. She understands me.

Not having Odessa in my life scares the crap out of me. I need her as much as she needs me to tell her story. To right the wrongs. To tell expose the truth of her beloved's death. He didn't kill himself. I know this. Odessa knows this. The whole world is going to know this.

I like talking to my ghostly friends. I don't get any negative spirits because Odessa mans the gateway with an ironclad fist. No one escapes her wrath. No one comes through that she doesn't want to speak with me.

So in order to keep this gift I guess I'll just have to learn to deal with the occasional crying jag. I'll take more naps. I'll be more careful about downing the vitamin D3s and Bs on schedule and drinking enough water. I'll accept that some days I just have to give into the darkness and wallow in misery.

I won't give her up.

No way! No how!

Monday, September 5, 2011


During last Thursday night's meditation session with Krista Kaine we focused on what we would do if we never had to worry about money again. If you could wake up in the morning and do anything you wanted. What would bring you joy? What's your passion?

I instantly saw myself playing in my fenced in yard with my rescued Rottweilers. Black dogs are the last to be adopted and the first to be put down at shelters all over the country. Especially those stuck with being labeled a bully breed. I love my Harry dog more than anything, but Ruthie, the Rottie mix, posing behind Harry was a dog that stole my heart and showed me how intelligent, loyal, and protective a so-called bully breed can be.

While I was making my dog sitting rounds this weekend my passion crystalized. My goal is to be able to rescue the dogs no one wants and then pair them with women and young girls who have survived domestic abuse, rape or any type of sexual battery or assault. I choose to use the word survivor because I hate the word victim. 

I am a survivor of domestic abuse and couldn't have done it without the love of both Harry and Ruthie. There were many mornings when Harry was my only reason for getting out of bed. I like to say that I didn't rescue him, he rescued me. Harry had a rough time before coming into my life. When I adopted him in 2006 he was estimated to be 2 1/2 years old and weighted only 45 lbs. due to a bad case of worms. We won't mention how much he weights now, other than to say his Great Pyrenees side came out when he got healthy. 

He might look like a sweet and innocent Golden Retriever, but he had a lot of socialization issues when we first met. He hates most men, kids and other dogs. He is furiously over protective of me. No one he doesn't know gets in our house or comes close to me when we go for a walk. The only time we've ever spent a night apart was when I was hospitalized with colitis. 

When I first left my horrible domestic situation Harry slept by the door every night until he decided we were safe. I know he would die trying to defend me and I would do the same for him.

A dog loves you unconditionally and every woman needs to be able to experience that kind of love and devotion. No one bothers you when you're walking a Rottweiler. A so-called bully breed can give a former victim a peace of mind and a reason to strive for a better life.

I want to be able to rescue and socialize the dogs and then help them find deserving homes where they will be loved and taken care of like they deserve. I'd like to be able to pay for the spaying, neutering, and medical care. Help a deserving woman pay a pet deposit for a new apartment, supply food and flea and tick treatment, and regular medical care for the dogs. 

Even if the woman wasn't yet in a situation where she could take a dog home with her, I'd like to offer her a place to come escape for a couple of hours. Just sit back and pet one of the dogs, play with them in the yard, or take one of the fur babies on a stress relieving walk. 

I want to be able to provide a safe haven for the women and the dogs where they can help each other to have better lives.

That is my passion.

What is yours?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spirit Guides

This past Saturday I attended Carole Eve's - Connecting With Your Spirit Guide workshop at Cosmic Connections. Me and Odessa are already pretty close, so I didn't go into the workshop expecting to learn a whole lot. But after hearing her speak at an earlier event, Odessa decided she liked Carole Eve and insisted we go.

I'm glad we did attend because it was an amazing experience. During the meditation Odessa introduced me to my higher guide, Iam. In Spirit Guide terms the higher guide is basically the head honcho. Other spirit guides come and go as you need them in your life, but the higher guide is with you from your birth until your death. This is the guide that in Odessa's terms "bosses everyone else around", or in Odessa's case at least Iam tries to keep her reigned in.

Your guides can come to you in any form. Sometimes I see Odessa as clearly as if she were a real person and she can talk to me at anytime from anywhere. If there is a psychic in the room they usually pick up on her energy. That's how strong she comes through.

Iam chose to appear to me looking a lot like a dark haired version of Dylan in Headlocks and Hexes. One of those guys that really just too pretty to be a guy. We've not done a lot of talking yet, with Odessa it is sometimes hard to get a word in edgewise. He's more the strong silent type, but when he does speak his words bear enormous significance.

He's a very old soul that has not walked the earth in many many years. He's told me that he was a writer in his human form and he is the one who gives voice to all my male characters. He also told me that I've never settled down with one guy for any length of time because no one can compare to him. Funny how all my guides seem to have a bit of an ego.

Odessa and Iam share a bond from at least one previous life time that I am aware of. He was a spirit guide for "Roger" during the time in which he first met and fell for Odessa. This was also at the height of "Roger's" in ring career during the early 1960s. With Odessa being a witch and a Medium she was able to sense Iam presence and of course he knew all about her. That makes it kinda interesting that he chose her to come through as my dominant guide. Unless he was as taken with her as "Roger" certainly was.

I also learned that Odessa's "Adam" is one of my spirit guides. I found that intriguing in that so far other than showing me the details of his murder, he mainly just shows up to fuck me in my sleep. Not that I'm complaining! Although, his visits do tend to put Odessa in a bit of a snit. She doesn't seem to understand that "Adam" is just using my body as the only way he has to continuing to make love to her.

We also learned that Eddie is still hanging around because he's fascinated by "Adam". They would have made incredible business partners if they had connected when they were both living. I'd also be willing to wager he's got a bit of a crush on Odessa too. "Who doesn't?" She says in the background.

Carole Eve is going to be doing an advanced Channeling class at Cosmic Connections at the end of September that I hope to be able to attend. If you would like to know more about the concept of Spirit Guides I found this great link from Crystalinks.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Snow Angels

I am pleased to announce that my erotic short story Snow Angel has been contacted to be in Evernight Publishing's upcoming Holiday anthology - Stockings and Suspenders.

I'd like to thank my MCRW chapter mate and friend, Carolyn Rosewood, for encouraging me to submit to Evernight. She's also in the anthology with a hot and steamy menage.

Hopefully I'll be doing more projects with Evernight in the future. I've really enjoyed reading Carolyn's Seduced By a Demon series and am looking forward to the release of the third book, Playing for Keeps.

Brian and Minerva are still dancing around in my head, so I'm thinking they're going to wind up getting a full book of their own. Until then, here's my snippet...

With a book on the New York Times bestseller list and a new six figure contract Minerva should have been on top of the world. Instead she's stranded on a deserted highway on Christmas Eve with no cell phone signal. Not that she was really looking forward to facing her family with a major case of writers block and no man to bring home for the holidays.

All that changes when she's rescued by a hunky construction worker who takes her back to his cabin in the words. Their one night of passion restores her self-confidence and Brian gives her the most incredible Christmas gift she could ever ask for, the return of her muse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seduced By A Demon

It's me, Odessa, here again to grace you with my presence.

I'm taking over the blog again because Jezebel is being a total bitch and ignoring me to write some silly short story about fake people. She calls it fiction. I say my story is much more interesting and entertaining than that smut she's working on at the moment. She's also talking to my beloved "Adam" and I do NOT appreciate her having the hots for my man. Bitch is just asking to wake up one morning with a bed full of snakes.

Anyway, now that I finally talked her into buying a Nook I can finally read without straining my eyes on that tiny little pink iPhone of hers. What's the deal with her and pink? She even ordered a pink cover for the damn Nook. But I digress...

As mentioned previously, I've decided to tell you all about one of my favorite reads, Carolyn Rosewood's Seduced by A Demon series by Evernight Publishing. I especially enjoyed book #2 Hunted because Jahi Wickes is the kind of character I can relate to, a strong chick with a cool job of forging documents to help those in the other realm. And did I mention she's a demon? I find that a very endearing character trait.

Then there's Dagon, a hunky bounty hunting fallen angel with the hots for Jahi. I'm not going to share all the juicy details of how they hook up because that would totally spoil the story for you. But, let's just say that when they do get around to doing the nasty I enjoyed it almost as much as they did.

I'll admit that I have a bit of a weak spot for Vassago because being a spirit guide I can only image how hard that guardian angel shit must have been for him. It's not easy when the human you're supposed to be helping has a mind of her own, and Jahi most definitely does. That whole guarding souls in Purgatory punishment thing seems a bit harsh, but it works to make the story exciting.

I really dig the whole Seduced by a Demon concept because Carolyn does an awesome job of world building. I felt like I was right there with Jahi, Dagon and Vassago. Having been to the other side myself, I'd say she nailed it and she makes the whole demon thing seem like so much fun. In my last human form I stole two men's hearts so I know I'd totally rock the demon gimmick.

Hum... I wonder if I could come back as a demon in my next reincarnation?

While I'm researching that quandary, I strongly suggest you go order both The Last Soul and Hunted

Thursday, August 11, 2011



Tis I... Odessa... The Ghostess with the Mostess... The Spirit with the Sizzle... yadda, yadda, yadda.

As if I need an introduction... Let's get real here...

I'm Jezebel's Spirit Guide from the Other Side and a star in her Ring Dreams series that is soon to be released by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. Billy Dalton's got nothing on yours truly when it comes to cutting a promo and speaking of the gorgeous Billy, if he doesn't make your panties wet when you're reading Jezebel's books I think you need to seek medical assistance for female hormonal issues.

Anyways, my Person's alter ego Edie Rohde (Don't you just adore that name - I selected it as a tribute to the two loves of my life) is supposed to be working on edits to her Young Adult manuscript SHATTERED. Our friend Pattie LaRue gave her some awesome advice on how to spruce up the story to make it really shattering.

Edie was at the part of the story where I take off to Australia with Billy (and what woman wouldn't want to go to The Land Down Under with the man who totally has it going on down under - if you get my drift) I thought I'd take a little vacation to Australia.

You would think that without me screaming in her head that she might be able to better listen to Amalie and tell her story the way it's meant to be told. Well, we did good on that part. Amalie is coming through loud and clear. 

To keep myself amused while Edie's writing I decided to take over her blog and maybe even her Twitter. I've also been checking out some ebooks on the Person's iPhone. I must say I am totally digging Carolyn Rosewood's Seduced by a Demon series. Hot, spicy, and not human = yummy words! I might just do another blog on that a little later, but until then you'd better go buy The Last Soul and Hunted because they rock and I said so.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the Person...

The problem is my Person is going off antidepressants. I told the bitch to just flush them down the toilet like I always did with mine every time someone tried to drug me up. But she's listening to her doctor and weaning off them. Apparently she needs me here because she can't do the orange light shielding spell without me.

Last night the Person was supposed to go to a coven meet and greet. Without me there to shove her out the door she stayed home and had pizza and Smirnoff Ice with that fat ass dog. Not that I don't love that dog, but come on, his butt is bigger than Tommy Dreamer's. 

Then she told me I can't bring any snakes home from my trip. Australia has the most varieties of poisonous snakes of any country in the whole world. Talk about torture. I simply adore snakes and I've never met a single one who didn't love me in return. I totally fell for this beautiful red belly black snake and named him Rafa after you know who, thinking she'd be cool with a Rafa in the house. 

That snake is way cuter than the dog and he wouldn't be nearly as expensive to feed. I was even going to keep him on the balcony and let him go play in the woods because it's a sin to cage a snake. But, no... they all told me NO SNAKES allowed.

So I'm back and I'm bored. What's a witch to do?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is the best match I've seen in a really long time.

If the little girl was a blond in short shorts and a tank top it would be Courtney come to life at that age!

That kid has got to be 2nd or 3rd generation and exposed to the business from the day she was born.

She knows how to work. She's got great psychology. She know's how to sell. Look at her facials and body language. And she's a little bump machine.

She's better than 99% of the guys on the Indy scene. 

Put the NWA title on her!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seeing Stars

These last few months have been heady times for me. When I first started channeling Odessa we had a lot of ups and downs. It totally freaked me out when I found out she had actually been a real person and she'd chosen me to tell her story. It's not been easy. Sometimes she can be an absolute bitch to deal with. Especially since when we started this journey I had absolute now idea how to rein her in and keep her under control. I'm still learning how to contain and deal with this amazing gift. With Odessa each day is a new adventure. I've had encounters with spirits before, but it's always been someone I've known and loved in this lifetime. 

Odessa is a spirit of an entirely different breed. I've learned that she is my spirit guide and she is here to help me not only tell her story, but clean up her karma from previous lifetimes by helping me learn to use my gift of communicating with spirits.

Along the way on this remarkable journey I've had the pleasure of working with two incredible life coaches, Lori Sassen and Krista Kaine. I met both of these incredible ladies through classes at Zierra Myst, a new age store here in Mt. Juliet. If you live anywhere near the Nashville area I encourage you to check out Zierra Myst and some of the great classes they offer.

I've done two group classes with Lori and a personal session and when she's back in town I plan on attending her next group session on August 5th. She's really helped me see what has been holding back my success as a writer. I'm learning to conquer my fears of success by tapping into my true motivations for wanting to make it as a writer. Lori just radiates positive energy and has really gotten me to realize how important it is to cast away all negativity from my life and embrace the positive. 

I've done two group sessions with Krista and plan on attending another one Sunday night at Zierra Myst. I'm also hoping to be able to afford a private session on her next visit from Florida. She's really helped me zone in on things from my personal life I've been clinging to and need to let go. I had a major break through at her Past Life Regression session last night. I can now accept that me and a certain individual just aren't meant to be friends again in this lifetime. If you know me and that person that is HUGE.

At the first group session I attended with Krista she zoned right into my past domestic abuse situation and my feelings for that friend that I lost as a result of leaving my psycho ex. She gave me a copy of her book from Victim to Valor and I encourage anyone who's ever felt victimized to read her book. Letting go of this person wasn't easy, but after last night I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. 

Now I am free and ready to move forward with my life!