Friday, December 31, 2010

A Witch's Prayer

I found the following incantation written on an index card while cleaning out my writers desk:

Blessed Goddess light my way
May love and laughter fill my day
Grant me strength to eliminate negativity
Open my heart with boundless creativity
My mind is sound and secure
My soul is radiant and blissfully pure
My body is a temple, of this I am sure
Bide times three and I shall endure
When night falls I am content and ready for divine rest
For as long as I walk the path of lightness I know I am blessed
I keep my eyes open so that I shall see
Your goodness and abundance flow into me

And as it is willed, so mote it shall be!

I'm not sure it I wrote this myself, or copied from something I had read.
It just seemed like something appropriate to share on New Year's Eve.

May the Goddess bless your path and light your way into a new year filled with abundance, peace, joy and boundless love.

Blessed Be!

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