Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNoWriMo NOT so much!

Here it is 11 days into NaNoWriMo and my word count is exactly one big fat 0.

For me, November is shaping up to be No Writing Month. Or maybe I should say no new writing month since I have been working on doing yet another "final" edit of Desire & Dropkicks. According to two agents who requested the full manuscripts my toned down version wasn't toned down enough to be classified as a "romance". Both agents liked the story and my writing voice, but they don't rep erotica.

I printed out both the clean and so-called dirty versions and read them side by side. Turns out I like the dirty version much better than the weakened toned down manuscript. There's just no going mainstream when writing as deep third person in Billy's point of view. It was even more obvious in his scenes with Odessa. There's just no censoring her. She's too strong and intense of a character for her not to drop a few f bombs along the way.

My goal is to finish the edits this weekend and have Desire & Dropkicks ready to submit to Siren as the prequel to Headlocks and Hexes. On that front, I am still waiting to hear back from my editor on the final content. I'm also checking my email every day with a mixture of excitement and fear while waiting to see the cover.

Headlocks and Hexes is still scheduled for a January exclusive ebook release with Siren and a print release in June.