Thursday, August 5, 2010


When my teenage niece came to visit me about a year ago she connected her iPod to my computer. That left me with an interesting mix of songs and artists in my iTunes collection. I've got everything from Patsy Cline and Rod Stewart (both my downloads) to her Taylor Swift, Paramore, Nevershout!, and Lil Wayne. I guess we both have eclectic tastes in music.

I was listening to some Taylor Swift songs this morning and thinking about what big songs she sings to be so young. Fifteen really makes you think, especially since my niece is currently that age. It's amazing how much one's world views change between here and there. 

Oooh, to only be able to see the world through those teenage ages if only for just one more day. I guess I'm too jaded to ever try to write Young Adult. I read the first book in the Twilight series thinking - would just just get it on already. Of course, Bella, being a teenager, it wouldn't have been appropriate for her to move that fast. I guess I just like my vampires a little, okay hundreds of years, older and wiser. Not to even mention hotter. Once you've fallen for Lestat, all other vampires pale in comparison. I don't see myself writing vampires because Anne Rice set the bar so high that I could never live up to those lofty heights.

I'm closing in on the 1/4 way mark in Lip Gloss & Lollipops. Tiffany is really coming through for me now. I know it was supposed to wind up being a menage with her, Trey and Brandon. But then Billy Dalton came along. And when Billy shows up, my plots take a life of their own. Her feelings for Billy are so much like mine were for my first love in the wrestling business. I'm using those emotions while writing this and I have to admit it's raw and real. At least inside my head. I hope it translates that way onto the pages.

In case there are any doubts, I am not a plotter. I start out with a very basic idea and let my characters take over from there. They tell the story. I'm just along for the roller coaster ride.

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