Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lip Gloss & Lollipops

The title of my current WIP is now Lip Gloss and Lollipops, thanks to this amazing Jeffree Star song entitled Lollipop Luxury.

In doing some research for what a 20 something gay guy would be listening to on his iPod while working out, I asked my 15 year old niece Hayley. She texted me back with "Jeffree Star!!!" So I went to youtube and looked him up.

The very first time I heard Lollipop Luxury, I instantly thought of Dylan and Rowan. This song was made for them. So when you picture the two beautiful one's making their walk down the aisle to the ring - this is the song that should be playing inside your head. Imagine my bronzed and buff, blonde bombshell of a world champion giving his leggy red-haired dream girl a twirl around the ring.

His promo options would be bountiful:
Can't take your eyes off me. I'm everything you want to be.
Do I make you wet?
You wish you had a slice of me!

"Fuck Me - I'm a Celebrity!"
It fits my darling Dylan to a tee!

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