Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lip Gloss & Lollipops

The title of my current WIP is now Lip Gloss and Lollipops, thanks to this amazing Jeffree Star song entitled Lollipop Luxury.

In doing some research for what a 20 something gay guy would be listening to on his iPod while working out, I asked my 15 year old niece Hayley. She texted me back with "Jeffree Star!!!" So I went to youtube and looked him up.

The very first time I heard Lollipop Luxury, I instantly thought of Dylan and Rowan. This song was made for them. So when you picture the two beautiful one's making their walk down the aisle to the ring - this is the song that should be playing inside your head. Imagine my bronzed and buff, blonde bombshell of a world champion giving his leggy red-haired dream girl a twirl around the ring.

His promo options would be bountiful:
Can't take your eyes off me. I'm everything you want to be.
Do I make you wet?
You wish you had a slice of me!

"Fuck Me - I'm a Celebrity!"
It fits my darling Dylan to a tee!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stay With Me

"Red hair, lips and finger nails.
I hear you're a mean old Jezebel.
Let's go upstairs and read my Tarot card."

I started a new WIP yesterday, tentatively titled - On The Ropes.

It started out as my first menage and now has taken on a lot more depth in exploration of a certain character's sexual inclinations.

This one stars two new characters. TIFFANY- a ring rat on the prowl, and her bisexual BBF and fuck buddy, TREY. The third player - BRANDON BALDWIN - made his debut in Headlocks & Hexes as the All American, white meat, up and coming baby face. Let's just say, Brandon's gonna wind up shedding his squeaky clean image in this one.

COURTNEY and ALEX have already made their appearance and BIANCA will be getting more attention this time around.

Well, I'd better get to work. Brandon is ready to start talking...

10,000 words by the end of this weekend? I think it's doable.