Saturday, June 12, 2010

Writing Altar

writing altar

Along with my computer opened to Microsoft Word and my heavy duty Webster's New Dictionary and Thesaurus, the color coded not cards, and my Witch's Datebook, my desk would not be complete without my writing altar. I very seldom do any writing on my manuscripts without lighting at least one candle and a stock of incense. When I begin a new stage of a project I always redo my altar to reflect my intentions and aspirations. I'm starting the first round of rewrites of Sex & Suplexes today so I thought I'd share how I configure my altar.

My cactus plant never leaves my desk. It's a symbol of strength and perseverance. The think skin a writer must develop to deflect the many nos on the way to getting that important yes. Whenever I find spare change when I'm out walking Harry I always pocket it and place it on the plate that holds my cactus. Offerings of luck to accompany my bamboo plant which is also supposed to be a symbol of luck.

The placement and color of my candles depends entirely on my mood and intentions. It's always a good idea to light a white candle for protection and purity of intentions. I often use a Crystal Journey Reiki Energy Charged Candle. My favorite are the Motivational Candles.

For this project I am going to light three candles for a mind, body and soul connection. Purple is a healing color so I chose that for help with fine tuning my manuscript. I want to make it renewed and healthy and whole. Green is for success and money. Not a lot of explaining needed for that one. Red is for passion and motivation. I want my passion for the story to show through in my every word.

I lined the altar with aluminum foil because it's reflective. Meaning everything I put into my writing I hope to come back to me as a prosperous return. It also makes for easy clean up for the dripping wax. Yes, I do love to play with candle wax. Before lighting my candles I like to anoint them with a dab of essential oil. I usually like Dragon's Blood or something with a citrus scent. This time I am going to try some Fast Luck Oil from Music City Mojo. It has a subtle cinnamon scent that is pleasant and not overly distracting. Here is a direct link to check it out for yourself - Fast Luck Oil.

Incense is really a personal preference. You have to pick a scent that works for you. My favorite is Silver Dollar. It's a light, clean and supposedly lucky scent. I'm also going to try some Good Magick, The Goddess, incense I picked up at Goddess and The Moon last weekend.

If you're in Nashville you can go to Zyerra Myst to find all kinds of accessories for your writing altar. The shop's owner Carol will be glad to help you discover any of her store's wonderful treasures.

For more magickal information you can check out Tish Owen's fascinating book Spell It Correctly. For those that don't know she is the owner of Goddess and the Moon and always happy to sign copies of her book and chat with customers.

Well, I'm off to light my candles and get to writing...

Blessed Be!

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