Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Vibrations

In 1902 Hamilton Beach made the vibrator the fifth electrical appliance to be introduced into the home, after the sewing machine and long before the electric iron.By 1917, there were more vibrators than toasters in American homes.

I stumbled across those fascinating facts while doing some research for my current work in progress. So, in answer to my question that sparked the research. Yes, there were vibrators in 1969. Mail-order catalogs featured beautiful women with long, silky hair loosening their tight shoulder muscles with banana-shaped vibrators. Also popular were vibrators that doubled as nail-buffer kits, hair brushes, backscratchers, and some that were designed as attachments for vacuum cleaners. Most of them were cheesy, battery-operated devices that came in shag-carpet hues: avocado, gold, and burnt orange.

You had better believe that impressive bit of trivia will somehow sneak its way into my manuscript.

Click HERE for a slide show about the history of artificial stimulation for women.

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